Vaping Diaries #332: Propaganda E-Liquid Interview (ECC 2015)

In a very short time, Propaganda E-Liquid has become a fairly large e-liquid company. I recall first seeing the company at an OC Vapers Meet event, where the crew had a small display table. At ECC 2014, Propaganda E-Liquid had a relatively¬†modest 10 x 20 booth. At ECC 2015, the company had a huge display, including a two-story staging area, ample seating areas, and multiple kiosks. In the interview below, Propaganda E-Liquid CEO Nicholas DeNuccio talks about how the company got started, the company’s explosive growth, three of his most popular flavors, and what’s coming next.

Propaganda E-Liquid kicked things off with Illuminati, a refreshing blend of blood orange, pineapple, and strawberry. Nick made this flavor while he was still working at a vape shop and used customer feedback to make this juice the foundation of the company’s launch. Vapers that are partial to candy flavors will want to check out¬†Subliminal, which is a sweet and sour Razzmatazz flavor. The newest flavor in the Propaganda E-Liquid lineup is Treason, a sweet lemon pudding topped with whipped cream. While the company started off with fruit and candy e-liquids, it has been rounding out its lineup with savory dessert flavors.

Propaganda E-Liquid currently has five flavors on tap. Nick mentioned that a sixth flavor is on the way. I’d expect the new flavor to hit some time before the end of the year.

On a macro level, Propaganda E-Liquid is a fantastic example of why I enjoy covering the vaping business. It’s a new and exciting space that’s changing rapidly. It’s very cool to see a company like Propaganda E-Liquid grow at such a remarkable rate. Being able to watch companies like Nick’s develop and flourish is a nifty privilege. If you want to learn more about Propaganda E-Liquid and its juice, check out the clip with Nick below.