Vaping Diaries #333: Jay-Bo Talks Wismec at ECC 2015

Jay-Bo Wismec ECC 2015

Thousands of vapers know Jay Bo from his Tobh Mods and Jay Bo Designs products, like the Tobh Atomizer and Bambino Atty. Vapers that follow the business know that Jay Bo’s designs have been mercilessly copied by several Chinese e-cigarette companies. With that in mind, many people at ECC 2015 were surprised to learn that Jay Bo is now the senior designer for a Chinese vaping company. In the interview below, Jay Bo talks about his role as Wismec senior designer and what he hopes to accomplish with the company.

Fans of Jay Bo’s enthusiast vaper products shouldn’t have anything to worry about. He’s still designing products aimed at that segment of the vaping market. With Wismec, his designs will hit a larger portion of the market. Wismec will be using its considerable manufacturing resources to bring Jay Bo products to beginning, intermediate, and advanced vapers. On the flip side, Jay Bo will be helping out on products that won’t have his personal brand on them, but will certainly be influenced by his style. On paper, it seems like a win-win situation for both parties. Jay Bo gets tremendous resources and reach, while Wismec gets one of the most celebrated designers in the vaping business.

There are a few side notes to this piece. First is a confession — I desperately wanted to title this article “Jay Bo Goes to China (Wismec)” or “Big Jay Bo in Little China (Wismec).” Thanks to that handy disclaimer, I can fess up to things. Also, the interview may or may not have a crash appearance by Brett Reed from Praxis Vapors.

Anyway, this is a potentially huge development for both Jay Bo and Wismec. To learn all about the relationship and to get an update on Jay Bo’s ever-evolving facial hair, kindly check out the ECC 2015 interview below.

One thought on “Vaping Diaries #333: Jay-Bo Talks Wismec at ECC 2015”

  1. Products that speak for themselves… their quality, innovation, & focus on the customer.. on the vaper, their needs… All reasons I’d stand behind pretty much anything from both JayBo & Wismec. Having owned/used an orig Smok Xcube50 (shockingly.. that I got at an event in April, literally just prior to its release. Bought the demo from his hands.. seems So long ago considering the updates to it since, but… not all that long ago, actually) Knowing & loving its side bar for a firing button…. is what made me get & LOVE the Presa75w. The dependability one knows Joyetech to be & w/ their chip in the Wismec Reuleaux RX200.. LOVE the product as a whole; it being so reasonably priced doesn’t hurt, either. =p (can’t help giggle hearing SO many praising it’s super long triple battery life compared to all other devices…. Apparently not realizing or knowing about the whole parallel/series workings of.. ?? Placebo effect perhaps? lol) Companies that are providing firmware updates, USB charging/passthru.. are also companies I look for… (esp after being burned buying too much… only for them to be so quickly replaced/updated, new options & features… but leaving all who bought one, just SOL w/out any way to update what they’ve already bought… Tired of being the R/D dept & beta tester, at my own expense for so many companies.. coughcoughSnowwolf, already having gone through orig.. V1.5, L/E.. one by one, color options being slow rolled to release… & now, V2.0… All SO quickly, too! If you bought anything prior to V2.0, you’re just stuck without the latest features. Features that imho should’ve been incorporated on their orig, to be honest) Anyhooo, when you have performance, quality, reliability, innovation…. & fair pricing to boot.. gotta go Jaybo & Wismec ALL the way! :) Live long(ER) & vape on!

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