Vaping Diaries #334: Sweet Nectar Juice Interview (ECC 2015)

Sweet Nectar ECC 2015

A relatively new vaping e-liquid company, my buddy Chris introduced me to Sweet Nectar at ECC 2015. A few of the company’s juices surprised RPadholic N8R and me. N8R was enamored with Home Grown, a melange of pineapple, watermelon, and blueberry. Even though I find most fruit vapes banal, Home Grown’s atypical blend and texture worked for me. My personal favorite was Cookie Butter, which is Sweet Nectar’s first savory flavor. The company describes it as, “a great inhale that taste like fresh baked cookies and a snickerdoodle exhale.” In the interview below, Sweet Nectar owner Alex Hards talks about the company’s history, a few of its flavors, and the upcoming Select Line of juices.

Vapers looking for a good deal should definitely consider Sweet Nectar. The company’s 15ml bottles retail for $7.50, as opposed to the $12 price point used by most of its competitors. Even though the price is low, Sweet Nectar uses PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, which are more expensive than and superior to the LDPE (low-density polyethylene) used by many juice companies. The upcoming Select Line will use glass bottles. Alex talks about the first flavor in the Sweet Nectar Select Line in the interview.

It’s going to be fun watching Sweet Nectar invade the retail scene. From what I understand, the company’s wholesale prices will appeal to store owners, while consumers will be attracted to the retail pricing. Sweet Nectar has a good variety of flavors and should have at least one that will tickle your fancy. For discerning vapers and those that insist on glass bottles, the Select Line should be an interesting choice. I’m looking forward to seeing the bottles and price point for that line of Sweet Nectar products. To learn more about the company, a few of its flavors, and the upcoming Select Line then check out my ECC 2015 chat with Alex below.