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The HTC Evo 4G for Sprint is available now! It’s an excellent phone and in my opinion, the best Android handset available today. That said, it has some drawbacks, like any other phone. Is the Evo 4G right for you? Read my extensive (not a) review to find out! This six-part series covers the phone’s battery life, WiFi hotspot functionality, software, gaming capabilities, camera, and more. Check it out!

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35 thoughts on “Sprint HTC Evo 4G Review Center”

  1. @Ray

    I wonder if the ones they handed out were a different run or something. Interesting.

  2. @Ray

    Off topic, but what do you think of the dual sim and double sim handsets nokia showed off the other day? I think that is neat.

  3. @Ray

    Have you seen the Dell Streak? Any thoughts? I am looking forward to it, it seems like it has everything.

  4. @SlickyFats I have seen the Dell Streak. I love that it uses Gorilla Glass. I'm curious to see if the screen size makes it too big to be pocketable. The 4.3-inch screen on my Evo seems like the perfect blend. I don't like that the Streak uses Android 1.6 and AT&T's 3G bands. I'm also not sold on Dell's UI customizations.

  5. Why would someone use such an old version of a free and substantially supported OS?

  6. @smartguy That's the peril of going with a heavily customized skin. Dell's developers probably started coding with 1.6 and did too much work to start over again if they wanted to make a summer launch.

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