T-Mobile G2X Benchmarks

Here are some benchmarks for the T-Mobile G2X, which features a powerful 1GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor. To get an idea of the phone’s performance, I used Greene Computing’s Linpack and Aurora Softworks’ Quadrant benchmark tests. The HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, T-Mobile G2, and HTC Thunderbolt (all running Android 2.2) were used for comparison. Each test was run five times and the scores were averaged. Here are the results.

Linpack Quadrant
HTC Evo 4G 33.4 1311
Samsung Epic 4G 14.209 1076
T-Mobile G2 33.267 1668
HTC Thunderbolt 36.529 1962
T-Mobile G2X 36.64 2535

First off, those scores on the Epic 4G were very strange. I expected it to do much better. I actually ran those tests more than 20 times because the numbers didn’t make sense to me, but I kept getting similar results.

The G2X’s scores were very impressive, but keep in mind that these are synthetic benchmarks. Real-world performance will vary depending on the task performed. While the Tegra 2 makes for snappy everyday use and blazing performance in games, the Android OS isn’t fully optimized to take advantage of its power. It is rumored that the next version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich — will truly exploit the power of multi-core processors.

For now, enjoy the benchmarks for what they are — synthetic measurements that will be used in pissing contests.

Author: RPadTV