T-Mobile G2X Benchmarks

Here are some benchmarks for the T-Mobile G2X, which features a powerful 1GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor. To get an idea of the phone’s performance, I used Greene Computing’s Linpack and Aurora Softworks’ Quadrant benchmark tests. The HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, T-Mobile G2, and HTC Thunderbolt (all running Android 2.2) were used for comparison. Each test was run five times and the scores were averaged. Here are the results.

Linpack Quadrant
HTC Evo 4G 33.4 1311
Samsung Epic 4G 14.209 1076
T-Mobile G2 33.267 1668
HTC Thunderbolt 36.529 1962
T-Mobile G2X 36.64 2535

First off, those scores on the Epic 4G were very strange. I expected it to do much better. I actually ran those tests more than 20 times because the numbers didn’t make sense to me, but I kept getting similar results.

The G2X’s scores were very impressive, but keep in mind that these are synthetic benchmarks. Real-world performance will vary depending on the task performed. While the Tegra 2 makes for snappy everyday use and blazing performance in games, the Android OS isn’t fully optimized to take advantage of its power. It is rumored that the next version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich — will truly exploit the power of multi-core processors.

For now, enjoy the benchmarks for what they are — synthetic measurements that will be used in pissing contests.

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23 thoughts on “T-Mobile G2X Benchmarks”

  1. The Epic 4G results are typical for Samsung's stock software. A plain version of Android on there running at stock clock speed scores between the Evo 4G & G2. My Cappy is running just the Thunderbolt at stock clock speeds and Cognition 4.3.1.

    I don't plan on buying any of the Tegra 2 devices out there, mostly due to my disdain for Nvidia and every product they are associated with (ATI gave me that $10,000 so I stay loyal. lol)

  2. I haven't stopped playing with this phone. Trying to focus on work today was difficult.

      1. Check back every 24 hours. I got the full version of Sound Hound free from that….not that I have noticed a difference from the free version, but it says its the full version.

  3. Tmobile Tv is pretty cool but I'm not to sure if I will keep the subscription after the free trial. I got a bunch of emulators on my phone and web browsing is great. I'm not having too much of a problem with battery life either.

    1. Do you only have 2 gigs of data per month before they throttle you to EDGE speeds?

      1. I figured he signed a new contract with the new device. I was going to follow up with, “does it require you to use TMo 3/4G to use the app?”

      2. I think he had some special deal with his rep. Plus, T-Mobile lets you get upgrade pricing for extending your old contract. The company is very good about letting you keep old plans.

      3. @SG

        Yes, but personally I haven't hit that level. My friend got the same phone and he hit his max four days after he got the phone.

      4. I was just on Tmoblie and looked for it I have no idea, every link just says unlimited.

      5. I just called Tmo and I have a 5gb plan which is not was I was expecting lol.

  4. I got a micro HDMI cable (as you already know) to hook up to the G2X and my TV and it looks great. The battery gets drained pretty quickly and there were a few moments of choppiness while watching some videos off my sd card. T MobileTV doesn't work with the HDMI cable which is really a let down.

    1. It's a rights thing for T-Mobile TV. It's stupid, but not unexpected.

      What class MicroSD card are you using? I'm guessing that's where the bottleneck is from.

      1. I'm not sure but it came with the MyTouch 3G so I know its dated and its only 8 gigs. I'm looking to get a 32 off Amazon soon which brand should I go with?

        For some reason the picture doesn't fir completely in the screen and I checked the HDMI settings on the phone and nothing seems to work, any suggestions?

      2. I like SanDisk cards. If you're going to record HD video, I'd go with at least a class 6.

        I'm not sure about your HDMI output problems though. Sounds strange.

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