T-Mobile G2 vs. Samsung Epic 4G Video

You should watch this video because it features several images of an outstandingly beautiful woman and it compares the two best Google Android phones with a physical keyboard — the T-Mobile G2 by HTC and the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint. Whether it’s the lovely girl or the excellent phones, please, please, please give it look and let me know what you think!

Author: RPadTV


8 thoughts on “T-Mobile G2 vs. Samsung Epic 4G Video”

  1. I don't understand why anyone would want inaccurate colors for their display, and I'm biased because I'm on Tmo.

    1. Some people prefer "fun" colors. For example, Sony's pocket cameras general overpronounce several colors for a brighter image that a lot of people love. The downside is that it can make a dreary day in London look like the Bahamas.

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