HTC Evo 4G vs. Motorola Droid X Part I: The Zoolander Test

Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G and Verizon’s Motorola Droid X are two of this summer’s hottest Google Android handsets. I’m going to have them face off in a bloody, no-holds-barred competition (it’s like WWE Summer Slam…but with phones). I’ll be comparing their respective features throughout the next week. Even after a few hours with the Droid X, I see some areas where it beats out the Evo 4G. I also see some areas where the Evo 4G leaves it in the dust. Before I start a more detailed comparison, let’s have a modelling contest between these two fine phones.

After you check out the photos, let me know which phone you think is better looking.

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As you can see, the Droid X is longer and slimmer than the Evo 4G. No matter what, some people will claim that both of these phones are too big. I think those people are stupid.

Both phones have a soft rubberized back.

Some users will prefer the capacitive buttons of the Evo 4G while others will prefer the mechanical buttons of the Droid X. I prefer the feel of the capacitive buttons, but there are times when I accidentally hit them (especially when using the Evo 4G in landscape mode). Accidental button presses will not happen with mechanical buttons.

My dream phone would have features of the Droid X and Evo 4G. I tried to get them to reproduce to no avail.

Author: RPadTV

14 thoughts on “HTC Evo 4G vs. Motorola Droid X Part I: The Zoolander Test”

  1. Bigger is better.

    I for one am glad that phones are getting bigger. The trend of nano phones is finally over!!! I love mechanical buttons on my phone that is a must have. I'm really feeling the Droid X but I love the look of the Evo's menus.

  2. The zoolander test! How awesome is that! They both look pretty sweet. I'm with rpad though. I love it when phones have mechanical buttons!

  3. @smartguy It doesn't actually use Blur. It's a customized version of Android 2.1 with a decent set of widgets, but it's not full-on Blur. So far I don't like it as much as HTC Sense.

  4. @Ray

    So there is a very fine line between stock android and the UI Droid X uses?

  5. OMG! I just noticed that Super Mario background in two of these shots!

    @rpad is that a video background? I have one like that for my jb phone but it's the original Super Mario Bros. It's not as awesome as the one you have on the Droid X.

  6. @Ray

    You actually got invited to start "crap" over at someone's blog from you Starbucks comments.

  7. @smartguy I wouldn't say a fine line. There's a lot of stuff there, but it's not as intrusive as Blur. You don't need a Blur account for all the social networking stuff, for example.

    @tokz_21 It's a super cool animated background.

    @SlickyFats Ha! That's awesome. I totally forgot about that story since I didn't get much traffic from it yesterday.

  8. @smartguy MotoBlur is more than just a skin. It's also a push service for social networking services. Think of it as BlackBerry Internet Service for useless information. First-gen devices wouldn't let you do anything until you established a Blur account.

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