HTC Evo 4G Spotted Running Android 2.2 with Sense

One of my sources got to see an HTC Evo 4G running Android 2.2 (FroYo) with Sense. This particular Evo was a pre-production model being used by a Clearwire (you know, those WiMax people) employee. My source said that the phone was running wicked fast and responsive (yes, I’m imposing the New England slang to protect my informant).

Now that FroYo with Sense is in the wild, hopefully it won’t be too long before Android 2.2 is available for everyone. My Evo 4G has been neglected in favor of the Motorola Droid X. I’m pretty sure it’s just a temporary dalliance, but getting FroYo would help me dive back into the arms of my Evo 4G.

Update: A friend pointed out that Evo 4G users that have rooted their phones and loaded stock Android 2.2 are unable to get 4G (WiMax) to work. With that in mind, a Clearwire employee field testing 2.2 on the phone makes sense.

Author: RPadTV


4 thoughts on “HTC Evo 4G Spotted Running Android 2.2 with Sense”

  1. A friend of mine with the EVO just put Froyo on it. He likes it a lot more now.

    Having seen these two devices (EVO and Droid X) I much prefer the Droid X. It seems more polished and I prefer the overall feel of the device compared to the EVO.

  2. I'm with redtailman! That is wicked exciting by November I should be able to get a new Tmo phone and I want to go big.

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