Sprint HTC Evo 4G Unboxing Photos

Here are some pictures of the HTC Evo 4G. My first impressions will be up in a few hours (waiting to hit the 24-hourmark with the phone). For now, please check out these photos and let me know if you have any questions about the phone.

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20 thoughts on “Sprint HTC Evo 4G Unboxing Photos”

  1. Nice hands! I can't believe how much I slept on this phone it looks so sleek and doesn't look like it to small for my big ol hands.

  2. Let me know what you think of the voice quality on it Ray. That and the ads were my biggest complaint about the Incredible.

  3. @smartguy You know, the one thing I haven't actually done with the phone is make a call. That'll be an important part of the second or third review entry.

    @Big Blak If anything, the phone is on the large size. Some people will be turned off by its width (that's what she said). Remember, it's rocking a 4.3-inch screen so it has to be big.

  4. @Ray

    Yeah, that was the real killer for me. I don't use voice hardly at all, but I expect an advanced device to be able to handle voice without any issue.

  5. @smartguy I actually do use my phone as a phone quite a bit. I'm surprised you were disappointed in the Incredible. Generally, voice sounds great on Verizon and HTC has offered handsets with good call quality. I wonder what went wrong here. I didn't see any reviews that mentioned poor quality.

    Also, it's almost funny that you'd be going back to the iPhone because of call quality. Ha! As amazing as the iPhone is, it's not so good as a phone.

  6. @Ray

    Are those physical button along the bottom or just touch sensitive areas?

    Also is that the BB Tour its pictured with? I was just looking for a size comparison with my BB Bold.

  7. man this is one sweet looking phone. I think i'll go to the shack and play with it for a bit. (i was talking about the phone and nothing else)

  8. @SlickyFats Great question! Those are not physical buttons. They're totally responsive though and don't have the issues the touch-sensitive buttons on the Nexus One have.

    @tokz_21 You Shack deviant!

  9. @rpad

    Well the shack by my house is always empty. I don't know why it's still there but it is. If i go to that one, i won't have to wait in line at a Sprint store or Best buy. I just want to check it out. I'm in no way thinking about jumping ship to Sprint bad customer experiences.

  10. Attention to all the fathers in the house. Please check out @CuteMonsterDad's site when you have a chance. We used to work together at Happy Puppy back in the '90s. His new site is a cool resource for geek chic dads.

  11. @Ray

    I own the iphone so it was the best option since I did not want any of the other verizon devices. Moto is too small.

    I read a bunch of different forums and the problem was with both Incredibles we had.

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