Coffee Talk #306: Your 2011 Dream Phone

During my weekend work trip that took me from LAX to SFO to ORD to MCO to LAX, I brought several mobile devices with me for a video feature. This caused visions of my next phone to dance in my head. As much as I love my…

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During my weekend work trip that took me from LAX to SFO to ORD to MCO to LAX, I brought several mobile devices with me for a video feature. This caused visions of my next phone to dance in my head. As much as I love my T-Mobile G2, I’ve been dreaming about a new phone since CES 2011. Taking bits and pieces from each device, I’ve imagined my 2011 dream phone. It would be something like this.

Dual Core Processor: The power of dual core is awesome, but the real kicker is efficiency. Dual core chips offer improved performance and battery life.

Four-Inch Screen or Larger: After using an Evo 4G, Droid X, Fascinate, and Epic 4G last year, the 3.7-inch on my G2 took some getting used to. I’m fine with it now, but I miss the extra real estate from those larger screens. I want my next phone to have a screen that’s at least four inches. It can be Super LCD or Super AMOLED — there are pros and cons to both technologies. What I’d really like is the killer pixel density of the iPhone 4. The real estate of a large screen coupled with the readability of Retina Display sounds brilliant.

LTE: You’ll see some numbers in my upcoming 4G shootout video feature, but for now I’ll tell you that I was floored by the performance of Verizon’s LTE network. Sure, I expect those numbers to go down as more LTE phones become available, but even slightly decreased numbers beat the crap out of the test results I got on Sprint’s WiMax and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ networks.

Heavy Metal: I want my next phone to have a body that’s primarily metal and glass. I hate plastic. The plastic Samsung Fascinate felt flimsy compared to the mostly metal Droid X and G2. Compared to the beautifully constructed iPhone 4, it felt like a toy. I wish more phone manufacturers did a better job at ripping off the industrial design of the iPhone or Nokia’s high-end phones.

Dockable: Motorola’s Atrix 4G is one of the most unique phones on the market due to its laptop docking option. It’s just smart and clever. I’d love to see more phones do this. I don’t see that happening, but it’s my stupid dream so I’ll throw out any feature I want.

Operating System…Undecided: I love Google Android from a productivity standpoint. The Gmail and Google Voice integration are close to perfect. Those apps are so important for my work that Android is the best mobile operating system for me, in terms of getting stuff done. The gaming and entertainment options are still a frickin’  joke compared to what iOS offers. I’m getting tired of waiting and Google has improved its iOS products a great deal…though not quite enough. If iOS 5 is more interesting than the next major release of Android then there’s a good chance that I’ll switch to an iPhone as my primary device.

WebOS and Windows Phone 7 have some great features, but I don’t see developers flocking to either platform. A Windows Phone 7 on Nokia hardware with Nokia’s (terribly underrated, terribly explained, and terribly named) Ovi Internet services is potentially awesome, but I’m not yet convinced that these two companies will bring out the best in each other. Right now I’d say there’s a 45 percent chance of me sticking with Android, a 40 percent chance of me going with iOS, and a 15 percent chance that a NokiSoft 7 device will win me over. Then again, I’m still pissed at Google for canceling my AdSense account and, more recently, a PR snub. Maybe I’ll switch to iOS out of spite (unfortunately, I’d still use all of Google’s apps).

Anyway, those are some of the ingredients to my 2011 dream phone. Now tell me about yours (please)! If you could buy a new phone in 2011, what features would it have?

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15 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #306: Your 2011 Dream Phone”

  1. So far my Captivate has a lot of what I want, I would be more happy if Sammy supported it though.

    Processor – Quad Core Tegra

    Internal Memory – Minimum 16Gb

    RAM – 1Gb or MORE

    Screen – Anything over 4" but not above 5" (The Streak felt good to me) <-lol

    THIN design – but I would give this up for a significant battery life improvement

    Gorrila glass – My streak was amazing. I keyed it and nothing happened

    Camera – Front 2-3Mp, rear 8-12Mp with dual flash (xenon)

    Functional GPS

    NO GIANT HOME BUTTON- the new Samsung phones are moving to this

    Standard Usb – I don't want a proprietary port, not matter how functional it might be

    Video Out – Doesn't matter how to me as long as it supports it

    OS – Android, preferably vanilla with continuous updates

  2. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that my PS3 got the YLOD again. After doing some research I found that the repair that I did is not a permanent fix, only temporary. People have reported that the repair lasted them from 2 days to 2 years. Mine only lasted 1 week. I could do it again but it's a gamble as to how long it will last.

    The good news is I just bought the limited edition Killzone 3 PS3 slim bundle for $299. Basically got the game for free. I'm going repair my fat PS3 again just to get my game saves and take out my 500gb HDD and put it in my slim.

    @Raymond Padilla

    I think you'll be pleased to know that the Miz as champion is growing on me. I'm starting to like him as champion. He seems to be getting better every week.

      1. What do you think about how they set up Taker and HHH? I thought that was weak to have Taker come out and then HHH come out immediately after and just have a stare down. The pop wasn't even that big. I wish they would have built it up a little.

      2. I loved it. It's nice when they can tell a story without dialogue. Taker's pop wasn't too big because everyone knew it was him in the teaser videos. Hunter's was pretty good. The angle makes sense too. Taker has the streak. Hunter can try to avenge HBK's match last year (face) or try to prove he's better than Shawn (heel).

    1. I think I told you from the door that there is no permanent fix… except for buying a new one… like you did.

      Congrats dude.

    2. @RROD

      When you put you 500Gb from your Fat into your Slim it is going to format it. I went through the same thing. I am waiting to use my 320Gb hdd from my fat until I get my fat repaired by Sony.

      1. @RROD

        How are you going to back them up? I was unable to recover any of mine yet. My system won't fire up anymore and if I do the short term fixes it doesn't stay on long enough to complete the back-up.

        I tried putting the drive in my PC to backup the files but I remember not being able to access them.

      2. If I can get it to stay on long enough to back it up I will. If not, then I guess I just lost all my saves.

  3. Dragon Age II demo downloaded. I want to play now!!! But I have more video to edit, some VO to record, a game to play to make money, and I'm really tired. Where's my clone?!?

  4. Is it too much to ask for a water resistant smartphone in this day and age? I mean… who doesn't want to play Angry Birds or check out GHM in the shower?

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