Benchmark Brawl: T-Mobile G2 vs. Samsung Fascinate

To give you an idea of the kind of power the T-Mobile G2 (HTC) has, I ran a few benchmarks and used the Samsung Fascinate for comparison. A lot of people judged the G2 before it came out, looking down on its 800MHz processor. I guess those people didn’t realize that the G2 uses a newer version of the Snapdragon system-on-a-chip (MSM7230) that features a newer GPU (Adreno 205). (It’s also made with a lower die process for better power efficiency.) This article is mainly for the idiots that littered the Internet with phrases like, “Oh noes!!! Only 800MHz?!? That’s teh suxxorz!!!”

To be clear, comparing the G2’s numbers to the Fascinate’s isn’t completely fair since the former uses Android 2.2 and the latter uses Android 2.1. I wanted to use a Fascinate since it, along with its Galaxy S brethren, sports the most potent CPU/GPU combo currently on the market. I used Greene Computing’s Linpack and Aurora¬†Softworks’ Quadrant benchmark tests. Each test was run five times and the scores were averaged. Here are the results.


  • T-Mobile G2: 33.267
  • Samsung Fascinate: 8.009


  • T-Mobile: G2: 1,668
  • Samsung Fascinate: 880

Again, those results are kind of apples and oranges since the phones use different Android versions. That said, the G2 was beating the crap out of the HTC Nexus One — with Android 2.2 — on those same tests. That phone uses a 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8250 with an Adreno 200 GPU. I suppose there are some morons that rather have that version of Snapdragon since 1GHz is higher than 800MHz. *bang head*

Author: RPadTV

12 thoughts on “Benchmark Brawl: T-Mobile G2 vs. Samsung Fascinate”

  1. MyTouch HD article coming shortly! I'm mostly unimpressed with it (on paper). Yes, it has a newer and faster CPU, but it needs it to run all that crap running on top of Android. I don't need a Genius Button.

    I am jealous of the front-facing camera though….

  2. The memory on the G2, the allocated 2gb, what is the purpose? Can't you load apps on the SDcard and execute them from there?

  3. @smartguy The phone is loaded with unremovable Google apps stored on the internal memory. I'm guessing that's the reason. Also, not all apps can be stored on the card. They have to be coded that way. I'll double check to make sure that's even allowed on the phone. It should be, but you never know….

  4. @Ray

    on XDA they have a "stolen" copy of the (supposed) release build for the entire Galaxy S line up. I put Froyo on my Captivate yesterday. It runs way fast(er) now. There are a lot of FCs though on random apps, but it added a ton of functionality to my phone. Most Tethering is back and now wifi tether (which makes me think AT&T hasn't gotten their hands on it yet.)

  5. Hey Ray. How about a Neocore Score??

    My Captivate with pre release Froyo (averages)

    Linpack 13.99

    Quadrant 1008

    NeoCore 55.5

  6. @SlickyFats Those are nice scores, but I'm surprised they're not higher. I'm sure they'll improve as the release gets tweaked. I was initially thinking that the Galaxy S line would beat out the G2 if they were both running 2.2.

  7. God damned MyTouch (HTC Magic) is never getting Froyo from Tmo, this phone is still running 1.6!

    Looks like the G2 is winning so far, no me gusta la Moto BLUR and I'm still undecided on the My Touch HD. I finally got to play around with Espresso on the Mytouch Slide and damn I hate having 1.6 cuz that mofo UI is off the hook compared to 1.6 Donut.

  8. Rpad your on a roll for me this morning I was doing some research last night on the G2 and the MyTouch HD . Almost everything I read about the G2 was how it ran a lower on a 800MHz but “seemed” faster than the Nexus One and another gripe that plagued the articles was the fact that the G2 comes with 4gb of internal memory but only 2gb are allocated for the user. That is still alot and it comes with an 8gb SD card.

  9. If you were to grab another TMo device I'd opt for the G2 or Vibrant. The MyTouch I have a feeling will be quite underwhelming.

    I'm heavily considering TMo when they upgrade in my area. Maybe they'll have an iPhone by then.

  10. @Ray

    Yeah I expected a much higher bump up in Linpack than just 4 points heck the G1 was getting 40ish when it got Froyo. I also heard Linpack has a bias towards Qualcomm but that could have just been angry fan boy talk.

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