T-Mobile G2 WiFi Calling and Tethering Video

Here’s a video overview of the T-Mobile G2’s WiFi calling and tethering features. WiFi calling is fantastic for areas with poor signal (basements, remote towns), as well as international traveling. Tethering is tethering…but unlike its competitors, T-Mobile isn’t charging (yet) for USB or WiFi hotspot functionality!

Anyway, please, please, please watch the video when you have a chance. At the very least, you can stare at my pal Nutchy some more. She’s a beautiful girl.

(And yes, I didn’t sleep last night because WiFi calling made me so excited that I wanted to make a video about it.)

Author: RPadTV


13 thoughts on “T-Mobile G2 WiFi Calling and Tethering Video”

  1. That is exciting a lot of my time is spent stuck on the E sometimes I have 3G but my cubicle is weird like that.

      1. Just looking at screenshots, the phone would piss me off. I'd love to have a front-facing camera, but I can wait until better apps are out (Skype). The Genius Button is dumber than Apple's Genius Bar. The whole skin is as if T-Mobile felt the need to make Android for Dummies.

      2. I've been playing with my friends MyTouch slide to get a feel for Espresso UI and I dont really like it, it feels very teenager-ish, but that could also be the way he set up his widgets.

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