Square Enix Releases Crystal Defenders for Android

Square Enix has released Crystal Defenders for Google Android phones. Already popular for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Crystal Defenders is a strategy (think Tower Defense) game that uses characters, jobs, and art from the Final Fantasy Tactics world. The game is priced at 600 yen. Looking it up on my T-Mobile G2 shows a U.S. price tag of $7.30.

Square Enix has had great success on iOS (that rhyme was completely unintentional, btw), but hasn’t had a significant release on Android market until now. If there’s one aspect of Android that completely sucks (a technical term) compared to iOS, it’s gaming. Hopefully Square Enix does well with Crystal Defenders and brings its other games to the Android platform. With some luck, perhaps the upcoming iOS version of Final Fantasy Tactics will appear in the Android Market too! Ah, what a lovely dream….

Author: RPadTV


3 thoughts on “Square Enix Releases Crystal Defenders for Android”

  1. Good thing I got Froyo this morning I might have to check this out even though FF:Tactics was one of my least favorite FF games (the music was/is great).

      1. My brothers and my dad all love that game it just sucked for me. I really don't dig the gameplay or any games that play like that. NO ME GUSTA!!!!

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