Coffee Talk #241: Are You a Sore (Gaming) Loser?

I was a sore loser before I hit my late 20s. I remember chucking a Fairchild Channel F controller at my friend Russel’s face, simply because I lost a close game. I gave him a bloody nose. In high school…

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, the Sowden Oskar SoftBrew, whether the United States congress will accomplish anything over the next two years, or Lita possibly returning to WWE for a limited run, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

I was a sore loser before I hit my late 20s. I remember chucking a Fairchild Channel F controller at my friend Russel’s face, simply because I lost a close game. I gave him a bloody nose. In high school, I was playing doubles tennis with my friend Jay. He was having a crappy day and made several unforced errors in a row. I got frustrated and hit a tennis ball at his…uh…balls.

I’ve mostly grown out of this behavior, but there are things that make me revert to being a sore loser…and even a sore winner. My biggest pet peeve in gaming is when people quit early in online multiplayer games. It truly pisses me off. This has been happening to me in Wordfeud for Android lately. Over the last three days, four people quit early on me because they were losing. It prompted me send messages like, “Pussy!” and…well, other not so nice things. It’s a little embarrassing, but I detest online quitters.

Is there anything in gaming that makes you a sore loser or a sore winner? Let’s do the group therapy thing and discuss our issues!

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53 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #241: Are You a Sore (Gaming) Loser?”

  1. im an online quitter sometimes…only at madden though..i cant help it. I cant stand losing at anything, and if im playing a far superior player (which happens often), i do have a tendancy to quit

    i realize this sucks on my part, and thats why i dont play madden online anymore

  2. No I don't quit. I just start goofing off.

    I think it will be productive. America's most prosperous times have always had a separation of controlling parties. It becomes a cluster with one party in control.

    1. Yes, but I don't recall ever reading about a time when a lack of compromise permeated the body to the degree it does now. The filibuster record alone is disturbing. The good news is that the democrats are pansies and would never top that record.

  3. i am when my friends insist on playing a game that i'm not good at and don't want to play a game that i'm good at as well; then to top it off they want to talk smack. i don't quit the game but i'll just put less effort into, I believe it's called pulling a Randy Moss.

  4. Im a little bipolar when it comes to this topic. If you genuinely and classically kick my ass in a game (Rpad knows) I have no problem accepting defeat and will challenge you over and over until I win. If you beat me on some dirty playing I am the king of shit talking and will most likely make our short time together a living hell. As far as me winning I only talk smack and get dirty if the opponent starts it first and I love a sore loser to get under their skin.

    1. I noticed, When it changed in price they pulled it from the buy 2 get 1 free deal. So I ended up getting suckered into A B2GO deal and buying MoH.

  5. @Ray
    Falls on POTUS to make it work. Reagan had to with Tip O'neal. I think it will work out. Rubber stamping partisan bills is too dangerous.

  6. I've been known to chuck a controller or two when I felt like the game was cheating (i.e. poorly coded to make it impossible to win because the A.I. can do things the player can't).

    I also get real sore when people just spam one or two things that work for them and don't actually try to play games the way they're meant to be played. It's 90% of the reason I hate online multiplayer in most games.

  7. @ Congress: I'm really in too sore a mood to talk about it. I don't understand how NOT attempting to help improve on horrible economic situation and just blocking all of the other party's efforts to improve them gets you elected. If I sat around at my job (assuming the company I worked for hadn't gone under last month) making it impossible for everyone else to get things done, I'd be fired, not promoted.

  8. @Nightshade
    If they were trying to improve economic situation they'd reinstate Glass-Steagul act. I don't think either group is in favor of it though. Healthcare should have had an opt out feature, and stimulus bill wasn't regulated at all. In the perfect world compromising would have fixed it.

    Just hoping it works out. I didn't notice anything get better in the last 2 years. For the record, I didn't vote for David Vitter in my state. I voted for a guy who has never been in office. I'm quite anti incumbent.

    1. I'm in a state where you effectively have to be anti-brown people and hardline conservative to get elected (thus it's very easy to be anti-incumbent when you're a moderate/liberal depending on the issue). Even still, I can't imagine anyone voting for a guy who's been caught w/ prostitutes (plural). I realize Louisiana politics is notoriously dirty, (like William Jefferson's freezer full of cash), but still….if I ever hear him utter the words "Family Values" I'm going to throw something large and heavy at my TV.

      1. You mean healthcare coverage, not healthcare. You could always get care it's just the bill that was bad. I agree that costs were outrageous but I don't see how this gets cheaper. My insurance will now be included in my taxable income, very bad. Worst of all I get to subsidize people without insurance who have horrible health habits.

        Pardon if I seem hostile but I feel much the same way about this that I felt about the people who didn't buy insurance and wanted all of their stuff replaced for free after Katrina.

      2. Yeah, because poor people who can barely afford to pay their bill and put food on the tale can afford insurance. Forgive me if I find it an absurd notion that we shouldn't be helping THOSE people out.

  9. Being an avid SSFIV player, Quitters drive me crazy. My messages usually end up being, “Go run into a knife” or “Way to be a waste of sperm”. Only two things upset me more. People lagging the game in the last round to completely throw off my timing. And the other is when I beat someone and they tell me I’m terrible… I don’t understand the logic behind that.

      1. I have no limits when it comes to shit talking. I go with what BSU said but I go further than that.

  10. I AM a sore loser when playing something like Battlefield online and I feel like I am the only one on my team doing anything and we end up losing, but I was the best player of the round.

    CoD online blows. I played for 3 minutes and dies 20ish times. Each time I spawned I was instantly killed. YES in this case I was a sore loser and they had better be glad I don't know where they live.

    I have had people quit games on me on WordFeud also. Ray is beating at least 2:1 right now but every now and again I will win, but I have to admit sometimes he gets on the rolls with 40-60 point words. Last game we played he beat me by 1 point! RAAAAYYYYY! (khan)

    Overall with any game I enjoy it being a good game over winning any day. If it was a hard fight between both parties and it was close then yeah it was fun.

    1. Ironically when Ray and I played Scrabble, two people who do a ton of writing, one of them professionally, had an abundance of 3 letter words….go figure.

      1. 3 letter words are great. Most of the time they score better and you can maintain a much better strategy with them rather than having to anticipate what moves can be played off of a 7 letter word. Though I do enjoy hitting the occasional DW &TW at the same time.

  11. @Nightshade
    I could care less about prostitutes. Victimless crime. I agree that him espousing family values is pure comical and infuriating. His competition wasn't much better (Melancon). If I had to choose between he and Landrieu though I'm not sure who I'd pick. Both are rubber stamps.

    Yeah I was disappointed in Ari reelecting McCain.

    I also hate how conservative has been bastardized to mean bible thumping hayseed who only likes white people lol. I find myself being a fiscal conservative but feel that neither party represents how I feel.

    I just want to be left alone and not have them tell me what to do, what is moral, and when to do it.

    1. You think YOUR choices were bad… I was stuck between Meg Whitman and Jerry "F'n" Brown!!!

      I was so torn and humiliated, I literally left my ballot blank and walked out without voting for anything. That's the first time in my life I ever did that.

      1. The funny thing is… when I walked past the people collecting the ballots… I was just like "I left it blank… screw it." and Other people were like "I have half a mind to do the same thing, this election sucks."

      2. Be glad none of us live in CT. Talk about terrible choices. I was born and raised there, and I felt sorry for my family members having to choose between "I lied about my military service" and "I lied in front of Congress about my company's steroid problem." I really feel like all states, at least in the Primary season and probably in the general as well, need a None of the Above option.

    2. @Smartguy

      Completely agree. I also don't like how being a conservative or Christian have horrible stereotypes. There are many people who are shocked that I call myself both, but my fiance is black. There is too much ignorance all around.

    3. My issue w/ the prostitution thing isn't the act itself, so much as we're paying his salary and in effect my tax dollars went to getting his rocks off. If he wants to cheat on his wife, I could really give two shits. just do it the old fashioned way….seduce an intern.

  12. I come from a competitive family of board game players. Everyone in my family puts up a strong fight, plenty of aggravation, bluffing, doing anything to distract or fluster the other person, etc. We are also very very good at the game Clue. To the point where it's practically a timed game on occasion, we can go through and pay attention to how many minutes it took us to figure out something and then argue over who figured it out quicker. Thanks to my family and that game I developed a lot of my logic skills, in my family you don't have a shot at winning without good logical playing. Because of all of this, I guess we are all sometimes sore losers because of how competitive we get- people have left the table crying because they lost or got too frustrated.

    I mostly am a sore loser when I lost, or some equivalent, when I know I am/was better. No matter what I don't like losing though. Especially if I am having an off day. Example) one day a couple weeks ago I was playing Reach multiplayer, and this guy was going on and on about how he was the greatest Halo player ever…and I was having an off day. It probably wouldn't have gotten to me too much except I knew he really wasn't that good, he just happened to be winning this particular match. That type of thing makes me a sore loser for sure, but I try to not let it get the best of me all the time.

    1. Hey! I am the greatest Halo player ever and you were having an off day.

      C'mon man, let me have my moment.



      1. haha yes but when you beat me in Halo you don't talk about how you are the best and then go on to the next round and get slaughtered. You tend to be the one with better K/D ratios. even if I have been able to beat you in kills in a match, I have at LEAST twice as many deaths as you.

  13. So…TMobile is selling iPhone and iPod connection cables now or will be soon. What could that mean??

    Probably nothing since it isn't official Apple packaging. Bummer.

  14. have any iphone/ipod touch users download the skyfire app before it got sold out.

    It's a real good app it translates flash parts of a page to html5 so you can view it on your iphone and it works. I was able to view the G2 vid about tethering on it.

    it was kind of steep for 2.99, especially since it doesn't support flash games. if it comes back and you haven't gotten it i'd recommend getting it.

  15. @Nightshade
    Good intention no doubt but honestly no I do not want to pay for their health needs. I pay for my own. I work hard. Struggled quite a bit to get here.

    What is so wrong with that? Why shouldn't people on subbed health coverage be required to reduce medical risk?

    If you want to help those people out then start a non profit or do it at the state level.

    1. Well, some people (like me) may have children with preexisting conditions (like my son) and have been laid off (like me) and now will no longer have to worry about whether he can take his son to a DR if he has another asthma attack or seizure. That's why it's a fucking good thing.

      1. Some people (like me) also have preexisting condition (epilepsy) were also laid off last year (me) and paid for my insurance until I found another job that offered benefits. In order to continue paying those benefits I had to adjust my standard of living. That's being responsible. I was out of pocket nearly $500 per month for 4 months before those benefits kicked in.

        So you think it is cool for me to be taxed on my benefits so you can go to the doctor? Ok, I see why you think it is a good thing. Do you think it should be permanent or a temporary measure? Should you be taxed at a higher rate than me? Also do you honestly think the fund won't be abused like social security? You are being naive if you think it won't.

        If this is upsetting you, I apologize. I see that it hits home with you dealing with your son. Do take notice though, I have preexisting condition and I agreed earlier that yes that was a good thing.

      2. Unless you make over $250,000 a year, your Federal taxes actually went down in the last two years. So get a grip on the tax argument.

      3. Excuse me? You have no idea what I make or what I pay. Don't make the broad assumption there. It's not like I'm telling you to stop salivating over a handout. I'm definitely not telling you to go enlist in the armed services if you want tax payer (me and you) healthcare. Get a grip yourself and realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

      4. Furthermore I'm talking about taxable year 2011. Going back doesn't make any sense in this argument. Unless you think that the $500 per year cut (i'm not married nor do i have children) will somehow balance out the extra 6k per year income inflation I'm about to experience.

    2. Also, you're making a very broad assumption that people who lead overall healthy lifestyles can't get sick.

      1. Not at all, two close friends of mine were diagnosed with colon cancer and leukemia when they were 25 years old.

        Don't try and argue that a healthy lifestyle isn't considered less a healthrisk than one that isn't concerned about health. In fact, Obama said so himself. Lower the risk, lower the costs.

  16. @Ray
    Yeah preexisting was nice but the extension of coverage is kinda meh to me. I'm still pissed about my tax bracket bump just because I have private insurance

    1. Of course it's meh to you. You don't have kids. :P

      I don't have kids either, but I'm a generally overprotective person. I would want my son or daughter to be covered as long as possible.

  17. Totally tempted by this compilation of '80s covers.

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