HTC Invests $40-Million in OnLive, Boost for Android Gaming?

Here’s an interesting development that’s all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (you know, two great tastes that taste great together): mobile-phone manufacturer HTC has invested $40-million in streaming-game provider OnLive. Here’s the scoop from The Wall Street Journal:

HTC, which has gained popularity world-wide for its early adoption of Google Inc.’s Android software in its mobile phones, said it will acquire London-based mobile platform company Saffron Digital for £30.15 million ($48.6 million) and will buy a $40 million stake in U.S.-based on-demand games company Onlive Inc.

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of HTC phones like the G2 and the Evo 4G. I’m also intrigued by the potential of streaming videogames and have been impressed with OnLive’s partnerships. OnLive is just getting more interesting all the time. Between this and Sony’s PlayStation Suite, the future of Android gaming is looking better and better. Color me psyched (which in my head is cobalt blue)!


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9 thoughts on “HTC Invests $40-Million in OnLive, Boost for Android Gaming?”

  1. well if they plan on bringing onlive service or something similar to phones, they're going to have to start giving you more memory this internal memory of 512MB or 1 Gb shyte has to go. I can't be carrying around 2 or 3 diff memory cards just to play games on my phone. If i'm going to do that i might as well just stick my DSlite or 3Ds.

      1. Oh well that solves that then doesn't it, that just leaves the question of whether the carriers will be able to deal with the amount of data these phones are going to use. I highly doubt you'd be able to stream and play a game, where it doesn't lag on you, using 3G service.

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