(Not a Review of the) HTC Evo 4G Part III: The Drunk Test

The first and second parts of my HTC Evo 4G (not a) review were mostly serious. Now things are going to get super serious! Today I’m going to tell you how well the phone works in drunken situations. Last night I went to a Prince of Persia party in Hollywood and had quite a few drinks. While I was tipsy, I snapped several photos and did some live video streaming (this feature will surely get me in trouble one day).

While I’ve been generally satisfied with the phone’s camera, it was important for me to see what kind of images it can capture when I’m…not quite sober. Here are the results of my hugely important “drunk test” of the HTC Evo 4G.

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16 thoughts on “(Not a Review of the) HTC Evo 4G Part III: The Drunk Test”

  1. @rpad

    It looks like a great review. One question since there were mermaids. would you prefer top female body mermaids, fish bottoms or vice versa? Also, i appreciate you're drunk rantings on how they were boring you with the flaming sword right but it looks like awesome vid and also awesome pics.

  2. @ tokz

    Is that mermaid thing a Red Dwarf reference?

    If so, I may be one of the only people in America that would catch it.

  3. @n8r

    no actually it clicked in my head when i was watching Futurama the other day. if you've watched it, it's the episode where Fry hooks up with a mermaid and they get to the point where they are going to have sex but can't cuz she's a human top fish bottom mermaid and wishes it was the other way around.

  4. @rpad

    oh ok, so you can basically say you're a pretty face and boob man.

    @my comment# 1

    i meant flaming sword fight not right.

  5. I think every phone review should have a mandatory "drunk" test just to see if the phone will recognize how smashed you are via internal breathalyzer and accelerometer. If the phone does, in fact, determine that you are drunk, it will lock some people on your contact list preventing you from calling ex-girlfriends. This is probably the most important feature on a phone.


  6. I have no idea if it was just me, but the vids kept freezing for a sec when a action really got going.

    It takes great pics though.

    Was the phone itself a drunk friendly phone. Not pocket dialing? Easy enough to read when road signs are blurry?

  7. @SlickyFats Definitely no pocket dialing with this phone. It requires a button press and a swipe to get to the home screen.

    It's easy to read while drunk too. That's not surprising considering how big the screen is.

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