PadCast: L1 Games’ Chett Muzzalupo Talks EA Online Pass

Remember that YouTube video that featured an indie game store owner ranting about EA’s Online Pass? I found it so fascinating that I tracked down the store owner and interviewed him. He’s a very cool guy and has an interesting perspective. It’s easy to think about Online Pass in terms of EA vs. GameStop. This PadCast gives you a different perspective on the issue. Here’s the official description:

Independent game store owner Chet Muzzalupo (Level 1 Games) recently delivered an inspired rant against EA’s Online Pass.┬áThe scheme is designed to discourage consumers from buying used games and encourage them to buy new. While this potentially helps developers earn more royalties, it also limits customer choice and hurts retailers. While nobody is going to shed a tear for GameStop losing out on money, the Online Pass can kill small game stores like Level 1. Muzzalupo shares his perspective as an independent game store owner, addresses the issue of used-game sales hurting the business, and talks about the future of the buy-sell-trade business.

I enjoyed chatting with Chett and I think you’ll dig this video. Check it out (please)!

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  1. I can't hear the questions rpad is asking at my work computer. :(

    I have to wait until i get home.

  2. @ tokz

    It's that left channel/right channel thing. I'm pretty sure Ray is on the left, so it's your speakers. Try headphones.

  3. I have to watch this when I get home we have some kind of "TITLE" walking around here now scaring the shit out of every one lmao, people are so fake.

  4. @n8r

    I don't carry those with me. Maybe i should pick up an extra pair and keep them here for future reference.

  5. I like the way his store looks. He isn't just carrying current gen. Looks like my mancave. I miss those kinds of stores. None around here anymore.

  6. @ Smartguy

    The independent stores are the only places like that anymore.

    I concur that this guy is awesome.

    @ Chett (if you come here to read this)

    Keep up the great work, dude.

  7. @n8r/smartguy

    I agree with this guy's store reeking of awesomeness. I've been looking online to see if i can order something from his store just to support him but no luck so far. I found the myspace/facebook page though.

  8. I have an idea, cut the price of new games down to $50 and charge the $10 regardless. Not only does this not oust the used game market, but it would actually cause the used game prices to go down. This in turn means that their games will reach more people and give them even more chances to make that $10 online sell. Helping the little and helping the big man at the same time = pure win.

  9. @ Sandrock

    I was going to say the same as SmartGuy. The Big man has to SQUASH the little man. There is never room for both, gotta love capitalism*.


  10. @ Big Blak

    Given that you live in Boston and the IRA damn near invented modern terrorism… you might actually support AND fund terrorism just by going out to eat.

  11. @N8R



    Good interview, I thought that this and the original rant were very interesting to watch/listen. I already didn't plan on buying any games that used this online pass (from any company, not just EA), but this was a good watch nonetheless.


    I just got home from work and went to post this to gamekicker but saw that you beat me to it!! *shaking fist towards d@mn 2nd shift job*

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