George St-Pierre Wants You to Buy UFC Undisputed 2010

THQ’s UFC Undisputed 2010 is available in stores now. If you haven’t picked it up, George St-Pierre — arguably the best fighter pound-for-pound in UFC today — is here to sell you on the game. Watch GSP train outside the octagon and kick ass in it. Whether it’s the real GSP or the videogame version, I’m not going to argue with him. I like my limbs.

Author: RPadTV


7 thoughts on “George St-Pierre Wants You to Buy UFC Undisputed 2010”

  1. I am loving the hell out of this game, I can't wait to get out of work and play.

  2. @rpad

    hes french canadian, so he isnt all bad

    id love to see gsp just dominate anderson silva

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