Are the Skrulls the Main Villains in The Avengers Movie?

RPadholic N8R sent me this tip while I was at Google I/O last week. There’s a chance that the Skrulls are going to be the main baddies in The Avengers movie. As any comic-book fanboy knows, the Asgardian god of mischief Loki was the first Avengers’ villain. The Skrulls, however, have starred in some of the most epic Avengers tales ever and would probably look cooler on the big screen. Here’s the scoop from

The highlight of this insider scoop (DISCLAIMER: which has not been confirmed by the studio itself) is that the shape-changing alien race the Skrulls are being used as the main antagonists for The Avengers. Not only that, but the Skrulls will ‘brainwash’ and use the Hulk in a similar fashion Loki did in the comics. Don’t expect a full on alien invasion, though; that will have to wait for a sequel. The Skrulls’ role will be largely clandestine, similar to the way S.H.I.E.L.D. operates.

I’m terrified of Skrulls. They’re green (which is sexy if you’re She-Hulk) and have disgusting, wrinkly chins — they’re just horrifying! They can also take the shape of any person and advanced Skrulls can mimic super-abilities as well. Considering his vast intellect and incredible powers, I’m pretty sure my old coworker Brian Leahy was a Skrull.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the Skrulls possibly starring in The Avengers. Also keep in mind that where there are Skrulls, there are usually Kree waiting to beat the snot out of them.


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  1. As I was telling Ray yesterday, I can't see how they will work in the complexity of the Skrulls along with the beginning of The Avengers in a 3 hour movie let alone a 2 hour movie. There's just too much stuff to cover. And, as Ray noted, if they work the Kree in… forget it.

    I think they should stick to the comic origins. Loki manipulates Hulk, Hulk goes wild, they wake up Capt. America halfway through the movie. Maybe (and I mean maybe) they could set up the Skrull invasion at the end for the next sequel or 2.

  2. @n8r

    This storyline would make the Avengers like a trilogy series. Unless, they (directors/Marvel/Disney) are looking into introducing some Skrulls or leading the audience that something bigger is coming in the Thor/Capt America movies. The Skrulls could make this movie more epic than the avengers already are if done right. If it goes south then it will be another blow to Marvel like the Fantastic 4.

  3. @N8R

    What if they don't explain the Skrulls in the first movie? Make them an unknown enemy the Avengers have to unite together to temporarily stop/defeat in the first movie and explain them in the second movie. Then, throw in a third movie where they actually defeat the Skrulls and you have a decent story arch. It builds up the Skrulls in a more dramatic way. No villain is ever defeated in one comic never to be seen again, and that should go for movies as well.

  4. @ tokz

    From what I hear, Thor takes place in Asgard the whole movie. I would also think that Cap should be a period piece in WWII and focus on Red Skull.

    @ Sandrock and Tokz

    No matter how you work it, we're looking at 2 to 3 movies already. That was my point. The trilogy could indeed be epic. But the first one could get very tangled, very fast if they try to work in too much. Kinda like what Nightshade and RROD were talking about yesterday.

  5. @ tokz

    (I forgot this bit) I think the reason Fantastic 4 was so hideous is because they strayed so far from the original stories. I mean, Dr. Doom not being the dictator of Latveria was pretty lame.

  6. @N8R

    If they go into it with the mind set of making more movies, they'll do fine. A lot of people in Hollywood are of the mind set that they need to focus on the movie in front of them and if there are sequels then think about them. That mind set never works when it comes time for the second or third movie and they need to realize that people like more than one hit wonders.

  7. @n8r

    yeah i heard that about Thor as well. Capt America is going to be mostly a period piece and i think it ends with him being awoken from being frozen due to the impending threat of the Skrulls. I thought i heard Rpad mention they might use the Chitauri storyline from the Ultimate series. If they do this they will probably show that they were the ones running the scenes behind Hitler's run when Capt America leads Allied Forces in victory over the Red Skull and the Nazi regime, that might work.

  8. @F4

    Dr. Doom was completely lame in the movie. He was a complete after thought to the movie. Talk about a set piece villain being explained, fought, and defeated for good in one movie and failing miserably at it.

  9. @sandrock

    Yeah they should really think about making this a trilogy. The Avengers are great though not as great as JLA but they deserve not to bomb at the box office due to lousy directing or screen writing.


    the fantastic 4 sucked because they're not interesting and either are their villains.

  10. @tokz_21

    They don't even have to view at a trilogy. Just always have the next one or two movies planned out in advance and they can keep it going for a very long time. I know it takes skill, which not many in Hollywood have, but I would like to see some of these movies keep going.

  11. @sandrock

    i see your point but it might get to the point where they plan out things so far in advance like a tv series but the studios end up pulling the plug before the story has ended. This would make me mad and probably everyone else that has invested their time and money to the franchise/series.

  12. @tokz_21

    At least they would be able to pick up where they left off when the studios change their mind instead of rebooting it every time.

  13. @ Sandrock & tokz

    The way the movie studios work, is they get the contract for the first film. If that film does well, they will sign for the sequel (or more in some cases like Twilight and Harry Potter). That said, they need to focus on making the first film as awesome as possible to enable the largest box office draw they can. From what I hear… that's exactly what's happening.

    Now, they can have the sequels pre-determined. But in case it bombs… they may want to have at least something to look back on that's not like Daredevil.

    @ F4

    Dr. Doom was always a bad ass. So was Thanos. I think the F4 movies would have been better if they stuck to who Dr. Doom was supposed to be, cast him better, and worked in the Infinity Gauntlet somehow.

  14. @ Great news

    I have ordered RDR through Amazon. The shakes have went away.

    By June 1st, I will be tying hookers to the railroad tracks and dragging civilians from my horse… I can't wait.

  15. Doom is totally bad ass! He mixes science, sorcery, and a ridiculously huge ego. Plus, I loved how the writers made him overuse the word "Bah!" in the '70s and '80s books.

  16. @tokz_21 You're crazy. Doom is interesting because he's so similar to Reed Richards. Plus, the dude took over his home country. He's a bad guy, but he's also noble and loves the people he rules over.

  17. That;s what I'm saying. The internal dichotomy of Dr. Doom is unique and awesome.

  18. Taking over an entire country is pretty badass. So is mastering science and sorcery. He's also able to pull off the hooded cloak look. I'm especially jealous about that.

  19. @ Ray

    I'm sure the hot metal mask aids the look. He might look rather silly without the hood now that I think about it.

  20. @n8r

    a green hood would look silly. i.e. green arrow.


    i can see how you're jealous and envious of him since you are a big Harry Potter mark

  21. @rpad

    really it reminded me of the one Lucious (Malfoy's dad, that's his name right?) has just that's it's green.

  22. @n8r

    oh yeah i forgot that TheJediRevan showed us Jedi's wear green robes. Add that one to it but i was think about the HP universe first.

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