L1 Games’ Chet Muzzalupo Continues to Fight EA Online Pass

Level One Games’, an independent game store in Ohio, owner Chet Muzzalupo has posted another rant against EA Online Pass. Crusading against what he calls “Nazi-esque extortion” by EA, Muzzalupo gets down and dirty in this video. He questions what the “$10 solution” is paying for and who it’s really going to. He wonders why EA execs are making so much money while making it more difficult for its fans to buy games. At the end of the video he issues at challenge to any EA exec that will take him on.

Check out the video if you have a chance and let me know what you think of Muzzalupo’s opinions (please).

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8 thoughts on “L1 Games’ Chet Muzzalupo Continues to Fight EA Online Pass”

  1. this was a great rant. i'm against this issue. If i buy the game and i'm tired of it why can't i sell it??? I bought it and i should be able to sell it, if i choose to. this is like buying a used car but you have to pay $1,000 extra for the keys.

  2. I agree with him but unfortunately there is no shortage of ppl who buy the updated sports titles every year. This is what happens when only one company has license to make something. I wonder if this is similar to the Reebok ruling? Hmm.

  3. @ Smartguy;

    Screw the license, people just need to stop buying Madden every frick'n year. The last Madden I bought was Madden '04 and I'm still perfectly happy with that game. If people stop buying Madden every year, EA will stop making it every year so their next cash cow, Call of Duty, will become more dependent for the revenue. With a short campaign and fractured multiplayer, they will have to do something more innovative to continue to justify the $60 price tag. I would also like to point out that the "Guitar Hero" line seems to have hit the point of saturation being that most people now have a closet full of fake plastic instruments and do not have any room left for Bagpipe Hero. And that is a shame, since I would have blown you away with my mad piping of "Amazing Grace" on expert.


  4. @iceman

    your seething hate of Activision is showing lol.

    I'd pay to watch you play Amazing Grace on bagpipes.

  5. I would buy Bagpipe Hero. haha. I love listening to the bagpipes out of almost any instrument!

  6. DAMNIT! Sorry, Smarguy, I got my two evil empires mixed-up. I guess when you have tyrannical company "A" and megalomaniacal company "E" together in my head, they tend to get lumped together into one big, hulking, steaming pile of all that is unholy and abominable in the gaming universe. Can you blame me?


  7. you guys are more annoying than those ashton kutcher nikon commercials

    no im kidding, thats impossible

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