SCEE President Andrew House Confirms PSN Premium Announcement

Last week I wrote about a rumor that Sony will unveil details on a premium version of its PlayStation Network service at E3 2010. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Andrew House more or less confirmed the announcement. In a Sony Europe Q&A session he wrote:

I can assure you that the current PSN as you know it will remain a free service. It is something that our competitors don’t offer and something that shows our loyalty to the PlayStation Community. However, Kaz Hirai stated a few months ago that we were looking at a premium service to sit alongside the current free service and that objective has not changed. You’ll learn more about it very soon.

Now that you know it’s coming, I’d love to hear more about what you’d want in a premium version of PSN. Google TV? Cross-game chat? Free games? If PSN were alive, it would be Adam Lambert, asking you, “What do you want from me?!?”

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2 thoughts on “SCEE President Andrew House Confirms PSN Premium Announcement”

  1. totally depends on cost and features…im probably gonna try it at least…


  2. I will need a free trial. Since I am more than likely ditching my tv service (i don't use it when football isn't in season anyway) perhaps it could be a good replacement.

    I hope premium offers free downloads and lots of free streaming of media and free game every month. I like free stuff that is significant.

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