Mega Man Online Will Be an Action-RPG

The legendary Mega Man series is taking a unique turn with Mega Man Online. Being developed by Neowiz, the game will bring the classic platforming action of the series combined with online RPG elements. Andriasang translated an article by 4Gamer and learned:

Mega Man Online will be a 3D side scrolling action RPG. It will retain the action feel of the series while adding the RPG elements one expects from an online title, including characters who grow in strength over time.

I’m intrigued by this novel take on the series, but I’m not sure it will work in Western markets. It’s too early to judge, but I envision the game being popular in Asia, with modest popularity in Europe and North America. Hopefully Capcom will be showing more of the game at E3 2010.

Any of you interested in this one?

Source via Andriasang

Author: RPadTV

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