What’s Going Down at Apple WWDC 2010?

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off on Monday and the Internet is ablaze with speculation on what’s up the company’s sleeves. The announcement of the new iPhone is expected, but there are lots of other interesting rumors floating around. Some are thinking that Apple will finally announce other carriers for the iPhone, others are pointing to evidence of new Mac Minis, and some have guessed that MobileMe will become a free service. Personally, I’m hoping for a MacBook Air refresh (even though I can’t possibly afford one at the moment).

It’s going to be a big show (not Paul Wight) and Steve Jobs’ keynote will surely rock, but what do you think will go down at WWDC 2010? I want to hear your speculation and wishes. Let your comments fly (please)!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Going Down at Apple WWDC 2010?”

  1. Free mobile me please!! I know it is very fanboy but I want a mac.com email address. Lol

    I'm thinking a new carrier or timetable for new carriers will be announced. I could use more news on Snow Leopard improvements or good news about software using GCD. Better HD offerings on iTunes.

    I think they will def refresh mac minis and change up the Air a bit.

    ***come on TMobile!!***

  2. @smartguy T-Mobile has a big product release slated for July. Employees can't take vacation and stores are opening early. I'm guessing it's for the Galaxy S and not the iPhone though.

    MobileMe should have been free for a while, but I'm glad it finally seems to be going in the direction.

  3. I can;t wait to hear the snide comments Steve Jobs is going to make about the iPhone getting out there.

  4. @Ray

    Yeah I saw they had a PTO blackout. Probably is the galaxy but that seems so weird to blackout PTO for a Samsung phone. I give it a 50/50 shot either way.



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