Android 2.2 (FroYo) on HTC Evo 4G: Impressions and Benchmarks

I’ve been playing around with Android 2.2 on my HTC Evo 4G (Sprint) since last night. It’s pretty impressive so far — everything is snappier, the web browser is faster and has Flash, and there are some nice UI changes (love the ones in Gmail!).

To measure the performance gain, I used GreeneComputing’s Linpack for Android. I tested the Evo 4G before and after the installation of Android 2.2. For comparisons sake, I included the results of a Motorola Droid X running Android 2.1. The results (higher is better) were pretty nuts:

  • Evo 4G (Android 2.1): 4.355 MFLOPs
  • Droid X (Android 2.1): 8.239 MFLOPs
  • Evo 4G (Android 2.2): 37.593

As you can see, FroYo adds a pretty significant boost to performance. While real-world results will not be nine times faster, the speed boost is obvious. I’m going to write more detailed impressions of FroYo on the HTC Evo 4G later this week. Of course I might just sell the phone because the CSRs at Sprint are incompetent…but that’s another story.

Author: RPadTV