Today’s Poll: Is the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Enough to Help RIM?

Notice I didn’t use the phrase “save RIM” — the company is still kicking ass in the corporate space. In the consumer space, it’s losing ground to Apple iOS and Google Android. The BlackBerry Torch, armed with BlackBerry OS 6, is the first device geared towards retaining and winning back customers that want modern features like a WebKit browser, tightly integrated social networking, and adroit media handling. Do you think it’s enough to help RIM? Or will BlackBerry phones continue to lose users in the consumer space?

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31 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Is the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Enough to Help RIM?”

  1. I feel that people still love BB (not me but people do) and will go out and buy the latest BB because it is a new BB. I don't understand why but people go nuts over it, especially people who shouldn't be buying $400 phones.

  2. @Big Blak It's still the best at push email and, especially, security. Some people just love the keyboard. I wish you were a fan, simply because you'd be using a Big BlakBerry.

  3. @ Rpad

    Lmao! A co worker just walked by and saw the pic of the new BB and she said if she didn't have the iPhone 3gs she would get that BB, solely off of looks and because its a BB. She just made my point lol. But that Big Blakberry line is classic!

  4. I don't like the design. I didn't care for the way the Pre looked either. Something about a sliding portrait keyboard. The screen resolution is kinda low to. That said though, I'm sure it is a solid device.

    1. Looks like it uses a 624MHz CPU. That's laughable for what's supposed to be a flagship product. On the plus side, I'm sure the battery life will be stellar.

  5. Wow, att does it again, I think. I came into the room late but i think my local news announced that this BB torch will be an att exclusive when it launches.

  6. @ Tokz

    Yes it is an ATT exclusive available on the 12th of August. BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @ Tokz

    True but if I was going to ATT I would get the iPhone ( I think most people would ) and RIM needs to rock us, the consumers, with new devices and they should be on multiple providers.

  8. @Big Blak

    i think this would be a great alternative for iphone haters and possibly people who think that Android phones are complicated too. I still see that the BB OS6 is still not up to par to Android or Apple's iOS.

  9. @ Tokz

    Another good point, but I still think they kind of shot themselves in the foot with this one.

  10. After thinking about it for a day, I think RIM did enough to keep a good chunk of BlackBerry loyalists. That wasn't enough though. It needs to start winning customers back and netting new ones. RIM will be tops in the corporate world for at least several more years, but I think it's screwed with general consumers.

  11. @rpad

    i completely agree with you. this move is like a step forward to corporate people who want a phone with iphone like features but don't want it or their company doesn't. it's going to keep money coming in for them to work on something again to blow apple and google out of the water. Let's see what another year of work gets them.

  12. Went to the ATT a minute ago. They have had a "secret box" set up in the stores for a few weeks. Interweb rumors pointed to it being the Dell Streak. It was opened today. It the Torch. It looks good and has a good size to it. Sadly its under glass and can't use one until the 12th.

  13. @Slicky

    how lame! why unveil the box if you're not going to let people demo it. You figure they would let people try it out, it would be a good way to get word of mouth or some BB-philes excited for the 12th.

  14. @ Tokz

    I was referring to RIM in terms of selling new devices to everyday non corporate consumers.

  15. @Big Blak

    Yeah they're dropping the ball big time. I was impressed when they came out with the BB Storm but it's been all downhill from there. You sure like taking a lot of RIM shots don't you? My bad i meant shots at RIM.

  16. @Big Blak The price should be a little lower than top tier smartphones. It's not like the parts are cutting edge. The CPU is a joke compared to what high-end Android phones are using.

  17. @big blak

    i didn't see a price cut coming so fast. they should've never got an exclusive carrier.

  18. @big blak

    they did! it's a bad time to choose At&t has a carrier with everyone complaining about dropped calls in congested cities. I think if they would've gone multi, they wouldn't have to cut prices so fast. i would've given them 3 months on a multi carrier deal.

  19. Low res screen. Check

    Slow processor. Check

    Weak apps. Check

    Crippled network. Check

    Same price as better devices. Check

    Seems like the formula for failure to me.

  20. @ All

    See post #11, we should start a firm for analyzing these things because one of us here is going to be right.

    @ Tokz

    Its been about a week or two right, that's pretty bad.

  21. @Big Blak

    we should start a firm. also it's only been out 5 days! Slicky couldn't demo or touch that phone until the 12th when it went on sale. good thing he got the Captivate instead.

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