Vaping Diaries #322: Jason Mewes Juice Interview (ECC 2015)

The highlight of my ECC 2015 was getting to chat with Jason Mewes on camera. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s movies and Jay is a big reason why. Naturally, I wanted to learn how he started vaping and what lead him to start the Mewes Juice line of vaping e-liquids. We talked about that — and a whole lot more — in the (NSFW) video interview below.

Mewes Juice has launched with five flavors with names inspired by Jay — 15 Bucks, Sugar Tits, Mewes Aid, Mewes-a-Latte, and Doobie Snacks. One of the things we talked about was the names that didn’t make that cut. He really wanted to use more aggressive names that feature gags that he’s known for like Clit Commander (Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), Piss and Flies (Clerks II), Dutch Rudder (Zack and Miri Make a Porno), etc., but he wasn’t sure about the boundaries. He didn’t want to offend Smith or Miramax. In addition to talking about the current flavors, Jay spoke about e-liquids he’d like to see in the future from Mewes Juice.

Since Jay has a love for geeky things and RPadTV is pretty much a nerd site, I had to talk to him about comics and games. As far as comic books go, he pretty much reads everything. The first time I met Jay was on the set of Noobz, so I had to ask him about the videogames he’s been digging lately. He’s been playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Xbox One, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for PlayStation Vita, Injustice: Gods Among Us for iOS, and Marvel Future Fight for iOS.

Lastly, Jay spoke about his daughter Logan and how having a child has changed his life.

Yes, my ECC 2015 chat with Jason Mewes was all over the place, but it was so much fun. Check out the clip below to learn about Mewes Juice and hear about the videogames he’s been playing. Snootchie bootchies!

Vaping Diaries #321: BHBM Two Face RDA Interview (ECC 2015)

My buddy Steve from Smiley E-Liquid said that I had to check out the Two Face RDA at ECC 2015. He introduced me to the creators of the Two Face RDA — Alex Martirosov and John Burris from Brick House Box Modz. After getting a demo of the product, I was very impressed. The Two Face RDA offers a nice blend of versatility and durability for a relatively low price. RPadholic N8R was also impressed and bought one seconds after we stopped filming.

There are a few things that make the Two Face RDA different. Going on the versatility side, the atomizer comes with two caps — one aimed towards flavor fiends and another geared towards cloud chasers. In the video below, Alex claimed that the atomizer offers more than 30 different airflow combinations. On the durability side, the Two Face RDA uses a square post design that won’t spin and a hefty insulator that will protect against extreme sub-ohm builds. Since the world is an imperfect place, anything is breakable and parts do wear down; Brick House Box Modz includes a full set of replacement parts to make your Two Face RDA as good as new, just in case you beat the hell out of it. On paper, the Two Face RDA offers versatility for all kinds of vaping styles and juices consistencies, as well as idiot-proof usability.

Alex also spoke about future BHBM products he’s working on. He’s currently prototyping a 30mm version of the Two Face RDA for large box mods and 26650 tube mods. Version 3.0 of the BHBM Box Mod is also in the works; the idea is to make something more unique and get away from the Hammond boxes that so many box mods are made from.

Lastly, the video contains some gratuitous b-roll. All I can say is that I hope you enjoy it…and that it wasn’t my idea. Ha!

Vaping Diaries #320: Cheesecake Vape Co Interview (ECC 2015)

If you’ve met me in real life or have seen me on camera then you know that I’ve consumed a lot of cheesecake in my time. With that in mind, I was keen on learning about Cheesecake Vape Co. My friends from Rocka Mystic told me about the company and knew that its vaping e-liquids would be right in my wheelhouse. At ECC 2015, I had the chance to talk to Cheesecake Vape Co owner Travis Anthony and hear all about his line of cheesecake-based juices.

While there are several companies that offer cheesecake e-liquids, Cheesecake Vape Co has six flavors on tap. There’s a plain cheesecake, of course, while the other flavors complement the rich cheesecake with fruit notes or additional savory toppings. Travis’ said that his personal favorite is White Chocolate Caramel Cheesesake, which is a terrible idea calorically but delightful to vape. RPadholic N8R was wild about Martian’s Crust Cheesecake, which emphasizes the graham crust. My personal favorite was Sour Blueberry Cheesecake, which has a delicious blend of rich cheesecake and tart fruit. No matter your taste in cheesecake, Cheesecake Vape Co has a flavor (or flavors) for you.

Check out my chat with Travis below to learn about Cheesecake Vape Co, its current lineup of vaping e-liquids, how they’re made with safety in mind, and what’s next for the company.

Vaping Diaries #319: Harlequinn Wood Works Interview (ECC 2015)

It was excellent catching up with The Jester from Harlequinn Wood Works at ECC 2015. I’ve long been a fan of the beautiful pipe mods he made for his previous company. With Harlequinn Wood Works, he’s still making gorgeous vaping pipes, but he’s also making box mods and using exotic materials. At ECC 2015 The Jester showed me his latest wares, including a DNA 200 box mod and a prototype “peace pipe” that he made as a request from his Native American customers. He also told me how his new company differs from his old one (crafting materials in house, more creative freedom, etc.). Check out the interview below for all the details and to see several exquisite Harlequinn Wood Works pieces.

In case you’re wondering about the intro and outro music, it’s a track called “Fire Breather.” The heavy guitar doesn’t match up with the Harlequinn Wood Works theme, but it’s appropriate for The Jester. When he’s not making sweet vaping mods, you can catch The Jester perform fire breathing tricks at different festivals. Rumor has it that he had an impromptu fire-breathing session at an ECC party. In another aside, my joke paraphrasing Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” totally bombed. This is what happens when you refuse to use a script. Ha!

Anyway, if you’re looking for unique and beautiful vaping mods that are handcrafted in America then you should definitely check out Harlequinn Wood Works. The Jester makes some truly fantastic pieces of vaping art that offer a great combination of looks, performance, and functionality. To top it all off, the products are backed by a — to use The Jester’s own words — “as long as I’m alive” lifetime guarantee.

Vaping Diaries #318: Hyon USA Cease and Desist Controversy

The Hyon USA cease and desist controversy is the latest vaping “scandal.” For those of you not familiar with the situation, is involves the Hyon USA Pi2 atomizer by Haus of Zombi and the Ivogo Evil Monk atomizer. When I chatted with company president Fernando Solis at Vape Summit III, he positioned the Pi2 as the industry’s first postless atomizer. The Ivogo Evil Monk is positioned as a non-post RDA. The implication is that Ivogo “borrowed” some of Hyon USA’s designs and incorporated them into the Evil Monk. Ivogo is known primarily for its clone products. Earlier in July, several vape reviewers received Hyon USA cease and desist emails, or more precisely pre-cease-and-desist letters. Some of the reviewers interpreted the legal email as a threat and many of their readers/viewers attacked Hyon USA. Yesterday, I chatted with Fernando at Monster Vape Lounge to get his explanation on the Hyon USA cease and desist controversy.

In the interview below, Fernando explains his side of the Hyon USA cease and desist matter. He said that the letters were meant to start a dialogue with reviewers and were not meant to threaten them. In his mind, these actions are relatively banal and not the big deal that some are making them out to be. While I understand what he was trying to do from business and legal standpoints, I believe that company should have used a lighter touch. I mentioned my experiences reviewing products in the consumer electronics and videogame businesses to Fernando; in some cases legal inquiries were sent to my publisher and in other cases the situation was gently handled by PR reps. Of course those two businesses are much larger and more established than vaping; most popular vape reviewers don’t have publishers to answer to and proper vaping PR is mostly nonexistent.

Going after Internet reviewers is always a tricky thing. Many of them have thousands of fans that are influenced by their works. It’s easy for an established reviewer to get people to think highly of a company and it’s easier for reviewers to generate hate (it’s the Internet, after all). While I respect many vaping reviewers, for the most part they lack the professionalism of reviewers that I’ve worked with in gaming and electronics. Add it all up — relatively young business + unprofessional reviewers + a Hyon USA cease and desist letter — and you have a difficult PR situation. Again, I understand what Hyon USA was trying to do from a business standpoint, but I believe that the company could have handled the situation better.

My take is that there was no malice intended with the Hyon USA cease and desist action, but I definitely understand why people would disagree. I like Hyon USA’s products, I like how the company does business, and I like Fernando. Personally, I think he created more work for himself, but he also created an opportunity. The Hyon USA brand is getting lots of exposure and the company has a chance to turn some of the haters into new customers. See of yourself in the interview below. If you have a chance, please let me know what you think of the Hyon USA cease and desist situation after you’ve watched the video.

Vaping Diaries #317: VLS Vector RDA & Box Mod Prototype Interview (Vape Summit)

Vapour Lifestyle had a trio of fascinating products at Vape Summit III. Following up on the success of the Vulcan RDA — one of my favorites of 2014 — is the Vector RDA. This atomizer retains some of the best features of its forerunner, while adding several exciting new ones. VLS also had a pair of proof-of-concept box mod prototypes at the show, hinting on things to come. I chatted with VLS head of marketing and product development James Ting to learn more about the Vector RDA and the box mod prototypes.

Like the Vulcan RDA, the Vector RDA uses deep under-passing juice wells, allowing for great juice capacity. It also uses a familiar three-post design. That’s pretty much where the similarities end. The posts on the Vector RDA are beefier and use hex screws. The center post has a smart design that prevents spinning. Airflow on the Vector RDA is handled in a completely different way than how its forerunner managed it; the Vector RDA takes in air through the top of the atomizer. Up to eight holes can be opened up for maximum airflow, while a simple twist of the top cap changes the airflow. The built-in drip tip has a removable mesh screen for spit-back protection, but can easily be removed for rinsing or taken off permanently if you prefer maximum airflow. In the short time I’ve spent with the Vector RDA, it seems like another winner from VLS — an affordable atomizer with novel features and a great price.

As I mentioned in the intro, VLS had a pair of proof-of-concept box mod prototypes. The boxes were 3D-printed designs made to give people an idea of what’s possibly coming next from VLS. One of the box mods had a metal frame that resembled a “Z” and the other one had a frame that resembled an “X.” Check out the video below to see what these form factors look like. As someone that’s completely bored with C-frame mods, it was nice to see VLS showing off some original designs. James mentioned that VLS is interested in using Yihi SX350 chips for these box mods.

Since the company started, VLS has strived to offer high-quality vaping products that are easily attainable. From what the company had on display at Vape Summit III, it looks like 2015 will be another successful year for VLS. The Vector RDA is already a hot product and the box mod prototypes really stand out. Check out the video below for all the details.

Vaping Diaries #316: Steam Crave Aromamizer RDA Interview (Vape Summit)

Steam Crave’s Aromamizer RDA is a unique atomizer aimed at flavor chasers. The atomizer uses cyclonic action that not only intensifies flavor, but also offers convenience. Since the Aromamizer RDA doesn’t use traditional side holes, it’s pretty much leak proof (unless you’re vaping upside down or in zero gravity). The Aromamizer RDA comes in two styles — round and hexagonal. The round model looks great on tube mods, while the hexagonal model looks sharp on box mods. In the interview below, Steam Crave consultant Barry Tang goes through the features of the Aromamizer RDA.

I’ve been using the Aromamizer RDA for a few weeks and I’m impressed with what it offers for the price. As a flavor guy, I appreciate that this atomizer was made with flavor enhancement in mind. That said, it’s no slouch when it comes to the cloud department. Sure, you’re not going to win any cloud competitions with this atomizer, but the Aromamizer RDA can generate some decent clouds. Barry was quick to point out that as far as flavor atties go, the Aromamizer RDA puts out the biggest clouds in his experience. Keep in mind that Barry isn’t just a consultant for Steam Crave, but widely known in the vaping community for his excellent Pegasus Vapor Academy work. He chooses his words carefully.

In addition to talking about the Aromamizer RDA, Barry told me about some upcoming tanks from Steam Crave. One model will be a rebuildable tank atomizer, while the other will use replaceable coils. I’m curious to see how these Steam Crave tanks will perform. The Aromamizer RDA offers nice performance for a low price; if the tanks offer a similar experience then vapers should definitely keep their eyes peeled for them. To learn more about the Aromamizer RDA, check out my Vape Summit III chat with Barry below.