Vaping #292: Influx E-Juice Jason “JJ” Joves Interview

Influx E-Juice

One of the coolest people I’ve met in the vaping industry, Jason “JJ” Joves is the mastermind behind Influx E-Juice. Recently, I chatted with JJ at Vape Star Los Angeles. He spoke about his culinary background at Le Cordon Bleu, his three launch flavors, upcoming flavors, and more. Influx E-Juice’s Manilla Thrilla is really popular in the Southern California area and the company’s best seller at Vape Star. Maeberry is JJ’s all-day vape and one of the few fruit blends that I really enjoy. Vapers looking for refreshing complexity will enjoy Chill Pill, a delightful summer blend.

I’m really excited to try Influx E-Juice’s upcoming liquids. During our chat, JJ teased some upcoming flavors, including a dessert mix, a whiskey e-liquid, and a champagne e-liquid. As you can tell from my videos, I’m a big fan of dessert, champagne, and whiskey, so I’m looking forward to checking out these juices, which should debut at the upcoming Vape Summit trade show.

In a short time, Influx E-Juice has become a very popular e-liquid company. With tasty products and creative mind like JJ at the helm, it’s no wonder why. Check out the clip below to learn more about the company and it’s delicious e-liquids.