Vaping Diaries #303: Marie Alvarez Round III (Vape Summit)

Marie Alvarez Vape Summit III

In addition to seeing awesome vaping hardware and tasting delicious e-liquids, Vape Summit III was fantastic for catching up with my favorite models. Truth be told, there’s one model that’s my favorite in the entire universe — the darling Marie Alvarez. Since she moved to Las Vegas, I haven’t gotten to see her at local shows, so I was excited to learn that she was working for Glas Vapor at Vape Summit III. In the video interview below, Marie Alvarez talks about Glas Vapor’s new line of e-liquids and what’s new with her exciting life.

As always, spending time with Marie Alvarez is special. Obviously she’s beautiful, but if you spend a little time with her you’ll find a tough, charming, and funny young lady…that can also kick your ass. I’m always amazed by her strength and what she has accomplished at such a young age. And yes, it’s best not to think about it too much because you’ll feel bad about yourself. While Marie Alvarez is kicking ass, raising a son, and getting all kinds of things done, I’ve yet to unpack from Vape Summit III and can’t muster up the will to go grocery shopping.

My pathetic life aside, be sure to take note of Marie Alvarez’s new Instagram handle. It’s streamlined and easy to remember. And be especially sure to watch my chat with her below. Special thanks to Car Culture TV for the Marie Alvarez photos used at the beginning and end of this article. The executive producer of that show is an extraordinarily handsome man.