Vaping Diaries #301: Wanderlust Vapor Interview (Vape Summit)

Wanderlust Vapor

Wanderlust Vapor was getting a ton of attention at Vape Summit III from some very important people. My buddies Lionel from Influx E-Juice and Josh from Craft Vapery were raving about the company’s juices. Since I hold both of their opinions in high regard, I had to check out the Wanderlust Vapor booth. To my delight, it was a productive and delicious trip. Juice maker Pat Nguyen makes some delicious and inventive e-liquids that stand out with their complexity and unique ingredient mixes.

Let’s take Wanderlust Vapor’s Ruby Cream, for example. The market is flooded with strawberry and strawberry-based e-liquids, and I’m mostly bored with the flavor. Ruby Cream takes the strawberry-and-cream flavor (that has been done time and time again) and adds a brilliant spin on it with malt. While adding an additional ingredient sounds like a simple thing to do, getting the balance just right takes skill. Pat did a phenomenal job with this e-liquid and it absolutely delighted my tastebuds. The malt really makes Ruby Cream distinct. Hell, I’m going to take a break from writing this article just so I can vape some…

…and I’m back! Now, the Wanderlust Vapor juice that had Lionel and Josh amazed was Lime Apple Crumbs. Another pleasantly atypical mix, this juice blends apple cider, lime, and pasty flavors. While I’ve encountered several apple e-liquids, most of those juices used candied or natural apple flavors. I don’t recall many (any?) that used apple cider. It’s a drink that I love cold or hot, and I’m jazzed that it’s part of this complex and tasty e-liquid.

So yeah! I’m really glad that Josh and Lionel bugged me to check out Wanderlust Vapor. With juices like the ones it had at Vape Summit III, I expect Wanderlust Vapor to have a great future. Check out my interview with the crew below to learn more about the company, its current flavors, and what’s coming next.