Vaping Diaries #363: Trinity Glass Tanks Interview

Trinity Glass Tanks had several excellent products on display at Vape Nights 2015. Sales manager Fabian Turcutto was kind enough to walk me through the company’s lineup. First up is the Sub X for the Kanger Subtank Mini. Made primarily of pyrex glass, the Trinity Glass Tanks Sub X is a beautiful upgrade to the hugely popular Subtank Mini. The base of the product is made from 303 stainless steel and hugs the Subtank Mini base firmly. In addition to the obvious aesthetic upgrade, Trinity Glass Tanks claims that the Sub X helps provide better flavor, since the e-liquid is touching more glass than metal. The Sub X is available in an all-clear model, as well as one with a black tip. As a huge fan of glass vaping products (I greatly prefer the feel and look), I love what the Sub X brings to the table.

For cloud chasers rocking a Kennedy RDA, Trinity Glass Tanks has a competition glass cap. It carries over the ample airflow that the Kennedy RDA is known for, but improves flavor because of its pyrex construction. Naturally, glass has a gorgeous look to it as well and it’s fun watching vapor settle in your atomizer (seriously, it never gets old for me). Fabian said that Trinity Glass Tanks is working on a drip tip for the Kennedy RDA for those that prefer the standard metal cap. The drip tip will be pyrex and you won’t see any o-rings or metal.

Closing things out, Trinity Glass Tanks had a number of new drip tips on display. They’re available in various finishes and materials. You can see the new drip tips in the video below. To learn more about the Trinity Glass Tanks Sub X for the Kanger Subtank Mini and the competition glass cap for the Kennedy RDA, check out my Vape Nights 2015 chat with Fabian.

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Vaping Diaries #362: Joe Blow’s Incredible Juice Interview

It was nice catching up with Joe Blow’s Incredible Juice owner Joseph Upton at Vape Nights 2015. I met him last year at VapeCon USA 2014 and was impressed with his style of juice making. Joe Blow’s Incredible Juice offers some unique flavors and puts a novel twist on several familiar tastes. At Vape Nights 2015, Joseph told me about the three newest additions to the Joe Blow’s Incredible Juice lineup.

First is Famous Joe, which is based off of Joseph’s love of root beer barrel candies. As he was talking about the juice, I could see his face light up. It’s as if he was thinking about when he was a kid and could purchase several of these candies for a nickel. RPadholic N8R, being much more of a candy vaper than I am, was taken by this juice. It’s a faithful representation of the old-school candy.

Next up is Vanilla Blow, which should appeal to vapers that like savory e-liquids, as well as those that enjoy a candy twist. As you’ve probably figured out from the name, vanilla is the primary flavor in Vanilla Blow. It’s a rich and thick vanilla that’s topped off by a bit of candy cinnamon at the end. It’s unusual to find an e-liquid that should make savory guys and candy guys happy, but Joe Blow’s Incredible Juice’s Vanilla Blow should do the trick.

Last, but not least, is a fruit concoction called Dragon Blow. A fruit-forward vape, this juice mixes together dragonfruit, pomegranate, and melon. Joseph described this juice as having a “floral” quality to it. While I find most fruit vapes banal, I enjoyed the unique mix of dragonfruit and pomegranate in Dragon Blow.

While Joe Blow’s Incredible Juice has a wide variety of flavors, Joseph isn’t done creating just yet. He told me about plans to introduce a few new lines of juice in the future. To learn more about the three Joe Blow’s Incredible Juice flavors mentioned above and hear about Joseph’s future plans, check out the interview below.

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Vaping Diaries #361: A Planetary Elixir (APE) Interview

A Planetary Elixir (APE) is a new line of vaping e-liquids made by Intergalactic Industries, creators of the Doomsday mechanical mod. At Vape Nights 2015, I caught up with owner John Dela Rosa to learn more about the company and its three launch flavors. Keeping with Intergalactic Industries’ space theme, A Planetary Elixir was inspired by Albert, the first monkey to go into outer space. To use John’s words, “He was amazing and we’re trying to make an amazing juice.”

A Planetary Elixir has launched with three flavors. Way Milky blends the flavors of Chocolate Rice Krispies, milk, and bananas. The hint of banana helps the juice stand out from the numerous cereal flavors on the market. Out of the three flavors, it’s John’s personal favorite. But First Coffee comes from John’s Starbucks habit. It’s a mix of espresso and toffee. It’s one of the more savory coffee vapes I’ve had. Last, but not least, is Tea Time. Aimed at fruit lovers, this juice is a melange of watermelon and white tea.

As for future products, John said that the next juice from A Planetary Elixir will feature tea. On the hardware side, he said that Intergalactic Industries is working on a Doomsday II mod. While the original Doomsday was a mechanical tube mod, the next Doomsday will be a variable-wattage box mod. John said that he’s working with engineers on the chip and hopes to introduce the Doomsday II in the future. Like the original tube mod, the upcoming box mod with be manufactured in the USA.

To learn more about A Planetary Elixir and the upcoming Doomsday II from Intergalactic Industries, check out my Vape Nights 2015 with John below. If you dig what the company is doing, John asked that you follow the company on Instagram.

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Vaping Diaries #360: Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Interview

Mr. and Mrs. Sweet is a new line of vaping e-liquids made by Drip of Choice Labs. If you’re a fan of candy-flavored juices then you’ll definitely want to check out this line. At Vape Nights 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Sweet mad mixer Britten Allen told me about the line, its launch flavor, and the next flavor he’s working on.

As some of you have probably guessed, this juice line gets it name from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Instead of competing secret agents, Britten and his girlfriend at making vaping e-liquids. Which is good, because there’s a lot less gunfire involved. The first juice in the Mr. and Mrs. Sweet lineup is called Roxx. This flavor is a strawberry-watermelon concoction based on the Pop Rocks candy. Coming sometime around January 2016 is the next Mr. and Mrs. Sweet flavor, which is based on the blue gummi shark candies. Britten is currently working out the balance of blue raspberry sweetness and marshmallow savoriness for this juice.

While candy e-liquids aren’t usually my thing, I dig what Britten is doing with Mr. and Mrs. Sweet. The line is distinct from his Drip of Choice line and fills a niche. In Southern California, candy vapes are very, very popular and it’s no surprise that Mr. and Mrs. Sweet has been met with great fanfare. Many SoCal vapers dig Britten’s work from his previous companies and they love candy juices. Ergo they love his latest e-liquids.

To learn more about Mr. and Mrs. Sweet, check out my Vape Nights 2015 chat with Britten Allen below.

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Vaping Diaries #359: Aria Built Phenotype-L Atomizer Interview

Aria Built’s Phenotype-L rebuildable dripping atomizer has been getting a lot of attention from vapers that like to create exotic builds. With its two-post design and ample deck space, the Phenotype-L is a fantastic canvas for those that like to create “coil art.” On the more practical side, it also offers vapers plenty of flexibility when it comes to flavor production and vapor production. At Vape Nights 2015, I caught up with Aria Built product development specialist Edison Tan to learn more about the Phenotype-L atomizer.

Edison explained that the Phenotype-L is a collaboration between Aria Built and Anarchist. Each atomizer post has a 3mm hole, allowing it to accommodate a wide variety of wire gauges. The juice well is 4mm deep and holds plenty of e-liquid. The airflow features four escalating slots on each side and is controlled by the top cap. The atomizer’s positive post is gold-plated for better conductivity and corrosion resistance. Edison was quick to point out that the Phenotype-L uses real PEEK insulators; some vaping companies purport to use PEEK, but in reality use a cheaper material.

On the aesthetic side, the Phenotype-L is available in black and stainless steel finishes. Each has a “stealth” cap that accommodates standard 510 drip tips, as well as an 11mm wide-bore competition drip tip. One of my favorite features is its inset screws. There are so many 2015 atomizers that require the use of allen keys. I appreciate that Aria Built went with inset flathead screws on the Phenotype-L.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on with the Aria Built Phenotype-L. The atomizer is being touted as one that was made “for builders, by builders.” To get more details and to see the atomizer (in both finishes), check out my chat with Edison Tan below.

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Vaping Diaries #358: Drip of Choice Interview

Drip of Choice (D.O.C.) is a relatively new vaping e-liquid company that was started by Britten “Red” Allen. After gaining notoriety at a pair of previous juice companies, Red has struck out on his own (like Nomad) with Drip of Choice. The company offers some tasty juice that’s available at a low retail price. At Vape Nights 2015, Drip of Choice’s Checkmate e-liquid won the award for “Best Cream, Custard, & Vanilla Flavor.” In the interview below, Red talks about the philosophy behind the company and three of its flavors.

In addition to having low retail prices, Drip of Choice e-liquids are available in 1.5mg of nicotine. While a few companies offers this now, Drip of Choice was the first one I was aware of that offered the option. A few of you are probably thinking, “What the hell is the practical difference between 3mg and 1.5mg?!?” For vapers that like to chuck massive clouds or constantly perform tricks, 1.5mg of nicotine gives them the option to indulge in their particular style of vaping while still getting a tiny bit of nicotine. In the clip below, Red explains how the 1.5mg nicotine option was whipped up for more personal reasons.

As for the flavors, the award-winning Checkmate is a mix of Filipino mango and New York cheesecake. Personally, I think that Drip of Choice should have named the juice after me, since I’m a cheesy Filipino-American that’s original from New York. The Hustle is a twist on one of Red’s flavors from a previous company; it’s a blend of strawberry, kiwi, and mango. For cloud chasers, Drip of Choice has The Struggle. This 95/5 VG/PG juice is a mix of peach and strawberry.

To learn more about the e-liquids mentioned above and about the future of Drip of Choice, check out my chat with Red below.

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Vaping Diaries #357: The Vape Barrel Interview

I hang out at Monster Vape Lounge frequently and have seen The Vape Barrel’s Plutonium e-liquid flying off the store’s shelves. With that in mind, I was keen to interview someone from the company at Vape Nights 2015. I spent some time with The Vape Barrel’s Rob Harrington to learn more about the company’s origins, hear some flavor descriptions, and learn about what’s coming next.

The Vape Barrel was started by three friends that have been smoking cigarettes together since high school. Tired of their corporate jobs and thrilled that vaping got them off of tobacco cigarettes, the three friends started an e-liquid company. The Vape Barrel’s flavors are layered, combining a number of different ingredients to offer a unique flavor. So far, three friends are off to a fantastic start.

As I mentioned in the intro, Plutonium is wildly popular at Monster Vape Lounge. This juice combines strawberry, mango, lemonade, and peach. As a fan of dessert e-liquids, I was drawn to Neptunium. This juice features toffee, vanilla, and Bavarian cream. The Vape Barrel has put an interesting twist on tobacco with Californium. Aimed at vapers just coming off of cigarettes, Californium is a blend of tobacco, peaches, and cream.

On a loosely related note, I want to compliment The Vape Barrel on its choice of swag. Most vaping company’s sell or give away snapback caps for promotional purposes. As a baseball fan that prefers fitted or flex-fit hats, I’m not a fan of snapback caps. (I also associate snapbacks with obnoxious younglings that use Snapchat as their primary form of communication.) Instead of the usual black snapback that most vape companies offer, The Vape Barrel has a classy grey flex-fit hat.

Thank you for indulging me on that hat tangent. To learn more about The Vape Barrel, check out my Vape Nights 2015 chat with Rob below.

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Vaping Diaries #356: 528 Custom Vapes Interview

528 Custom Vapes has been serving up sub-ohm tanks before sub-ohm tanks were cool. While these kinds of tanks are hugely popular in the 2015 vaping world, 528 Custom Vapes has been serving them up for years. Many vapers consider the company a trailblazer and cite it as a big influence on today’s rebuildable tank atomizers. At Vape Nights 2015, I caught up with 528 Custom Vapes owner Tom Starkey to learn more about the company, hear about the Monster v3 tank, and learn about future products.

Tom told me a great story about the company’s origins. 528 Custom Vapes was initially funded by a check Tom received after wrecking his car. The company’s name was derived from the apartment he was living in at the time. Local vapers used to say, “Hey, we have to go to 528 to get out tanks customized!” 528 Custom Vapes became popular for its modified Kayfun atomizers. While the Kayfun was known for its great flavor, the vapor production left something to be desired for vapers accustomed to rebuildable dripping atomizers. Tom’s modifications drastically increased the airflow, allowing for one of the first — if not the first — tanks suitable for cloud chasers.

The modified Kayfuns went onto be known as the 528 Custom Vapes Monster. The company is currently on version three of the product. In the clip below, Tom goes over some of the features of the Monster v3. He also spoke about future products. 528 Custom Vapes is currently working on a dripper. I’m excited to see Tom’s take on a dripping atomizer.

Lastly, Tom spoke about the 528 Custom Vapes logo. It reminds many older vapers of the Thundercats cartoon from the ’80s. The symbol was actually influenced by Tom’s friends in the tattoo business, rather than the cartoon.

To learn more about 528 Custom Vapes, check out my chat with Tom Starkey below.

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Vaping Diaries #355: Off the Record Liquids Interview

It was excellent hanging out with Off the Record Liquids chief alchemist George Alva at Vape Nights 2015. His company makes some complex and inventive juices. As you’ve probably figured out, Off the Record Liquids uses a musical theme and features a 45 rpm record adapter in its logo (for those of you under 30 or so, here’s info on a 45 rpm adapter). George infused his experience in the music business and love of music into his e-liquid company.

In the interview below, George told me about two Off the Record Liquids flavors. First up is Ziggy Starburst, which replicates the flavor of Hawaiian shave ice (not shaved ice!) with a big kick of jackfruit. Since George started vaping in the Philippines, he wanted to prominently feature an Asian fruit in this flavor. It’s a great choice for vapers that love candy and fruit juices. Next up, he told me about Raw Power, which is RPadholic N8R’s brother’s favorite juice. This concoction blends cigar tobacco, butterscotch, vanilla custard, and hazelnut coffee. It’s one of the more inventive tobacco blends I’ve seen from a SoCal juice maker.

One of George’s newer lines is Vapor Pudding. This line has started out with Chocolate Vanilla Swirl. If you’re a fan of Snack Packs then you’ll definitely want to check out this juice. In the future, Vapor Pudding will have at butterscotch-Butterfinger pudding.

In addition to his own Off the Record Liquids and Vapor Pudding lines, George is offering his ISO-certified lab to partners. He will manufacturer juices for companies or co-release them depending on the business relationship the client wants. For stores that want to make a house juice or DIY juice makers that want to take their mixing to the next level, it’s an interesting opportunity.

To learn more about Off the Record Liquids, Vapor Pudding, and more, kindly check out my chat with George Alva below.

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Vaping Diaries #354: DTU Modz Interview

DTU Modz makes some of the best and hardest hitting unregulated box mods on the market. At Vape Nights 2015, I caught up with Mr. DTU himself, Devon Dalzell, to learn what makes his box mods stand out. In terms of performance, his box mods use solid-gauge copper wiring, eschew MOSFET switches for additional performance gains, utilize a floating 510 connector, and feature a high-amp switch. There are a glut of box mods on the market that use MOSFET and inferior wiring; if you’re looking for the highest performance then you should definitely give DTU Modz a look.

As far as color options go, DTU Modz offers a wide variety of solid colors. Among the current selections, the white and pink boxes stood out to me. In the near future, Devon said that he’ll be offering a number of splatter and camouflage options. No matter your taste, DTU Modz has a color or pattern that should make you happy.

While the new colors will land in the immediate future, a new version of the DTU Modz box will arrive later down the line. Devon showed me a prototype that he’s working on and RPadholic N8R got to film the outside of the box. The upcoming box mod is a bit sleeker than the current offering — smaller than the current DTU Modz boxes, but larger than the common Hammond 1590G boxes. It felt comfortable in my relatively small hands and I dig the way it looks. Since this box is a prototype, N8R wasn’t allowed to film the internals, but I can tell you that the wiring is very clean. While I foresee a pink DTU Modz box in my future, I’m excited for the next version as well.

To learn more about DTU Modz, check out my chat with Devon below and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram (linked above).

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