Vaping Diaries #359: Aria Built Phenotype-L Atomizer Interview

Aria Built Phenotype-L

Aria Built’s Phenotype-L rebuildable dripping atomizer has been getting a lot of attention from vapers that like to create exotic builds. With its two-post design and ample deck space, the Phenotype-L is a fantastic canvas for those that like to create “coil art.” On the more practical side, it also offers vapers plenty of flexibility when it comes to flavor production and vapor production. At Vape Nights 2015, I caught up with Aria Built product development specialist Edison Tan to learn more about the Phenotype-L atomizer.

Edison explained that the Phenotype-L is a collaboration between Aria Built and Anarchist. Each atomizer post has a 3mm hole, allowing it to accommodate a wide variety of wire gauges. The juice well is 4mm deep and holds plenty of e-liquid. The airflow features four escalating slots on each side and is controlled by the top cap. The atomizer’s positive post is gold-plated for better conductivity and corrosion resistance. Edison was quick to point out that the Phenotype-L uses real PEEK insulators; some vaping companies purport to use PEEK, but in reality use a cheaper material.

On the aesthetic side, the Phenotype-L is available in black and stainless steel finishes. Each has a “stealth” cap that accommodates standard 510 drip tips, as well as an 11mm wide-bore competition drip tip. One of my favorite features is its inset screws. There are so many 2015 atomizers that require the use of allen keys. I appreciate that Aria Built went with inset flathead screws on the Phenotype-L.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on with the Aria Built Phenotype-L. The atomizer is being touted as one that was made “for builders, by builders.” To get more details and to see the atomizer (in both finishes), check out my chat with Edison Tan below.

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