Vaping Diaries #358: Drip of Choice Interview

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Drip of Choice (D.O.C.) is a relatively new vaping e-liquid company that was started by Britten “Red” Allen. After gaining notoriety at a pair of previous juice companies, Red has struck out on his own (like Nomad) with Drip of Choice. The company offers some tasty juice that’s available at a low retail price. At Vape Nights 2015, Drip of Choice’s Checkmate e-liquid won the award for “Best Cream, Custard, & Vanilla Flavor.” In the interview below, Red talks about the philosophy behind the company and three of its flavors.

In addition to having low retail prices, Drip of Choice e-liquids are available in 1.5mg of nicotine. While a few companies offers this now, Drip of Choice was the first one I was aware of that offered the option. A few of you are probably thinking, “What the hell is the practical difference between 3mg and 1.5mg?!?” For vapers that like to chuck massive clouds or constantly perform tricks, 1.5mg of nicotine gives them the option to indulge in their particular style of vaping while still getting a tiny bit of nicotine. In the clip below, Red explains how the 1.5mg nicotine option was whipped up for more personal reasons.

As for the flavors, the award-winning Checkmate is a mix of Filipino mango and New York cheesecake. Personally, I think that Drip of Choice should have named the juice after me, since I’m a cheesy Filipino-American that’s original from New York. The Hustle is a twist on one of Red’s flavors from a previous company; it’s a blend of strawberry, kiwi, and mango. For cloud chasers, Drip of Choice has The Struggle. This 95/5 VG/PG juice is a mix of peach and strawberry.

To learn more about the e-liquids mentioned above and about the future of Drip of Choice, check out my chat with Red below.

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  1. Britten makes some outstanding flavors. He still owes me a 120ml. of Eruption. Im gonna have to try DOC. I want my bottle! LOL

      1. Yes, I know, that’s why i’m upset. Such a shame. I’ll have to remember to ask him how I can get some.

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