Vaping Diaries #354: DTU Modz Interview

DTU Modz

DTU Modz makes some of the best and hardest hitting unregulated box mods on the market. At Vape Nights 2015, I caught up with Mr. DTU himself, Devon Dalzell, to learn what makes his box mods stand out. In terms of performance, his box mods use solid-gauge copper wiring, eschew MOSFET switches for additional performance gains, utilize a floating 510 connector, and feature a high-amp switch. There are a glut of box mods on the market that use MOSFET and inferior wiring; if you’re looking for the highest performance then you should definitely give DTU Modz a look.

As far as color options go, DTU Modz offers a wide variety of solid colors. Among the current selections, the white and pink boxes stood out to me. In the near future, Devon said that he’ll be offering a number of splatter and camouflage options. No matter your taste, DTU Modz has a color or pattern that should make you happy.

While the new colors will land in the immediate future, a new version of the DTU Modz box will arrive later down the line. Devon showed me a prototype that he’s working on and RPadholic N8R got to film the outside of the box. The upcoming box mod is a bit sleeker than the current offering — smaller than the current DTU Modz boxes, but larger than the common Hammond 1590G boxes. It felt comfortable in my relatively small hands and I dig the way it looks. Since this box is a prototype, N8R wasn’t allowed to film the internals, but I can tell you that the wiring is very clean. While I foresee a pink DTU Modz box in my future, I’m excited for the next version as well.

To learn more about DTU Modz, check out my chat with Devon below and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram (linked above).

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5 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries #354: DTU Modz Interview”

  1. Where’s the bloody video mate? Tell me more about these “eschew MOSFET switches for additional performance gains” and “a high-amp switch.”

    1. We’ll do one after you finish the Pokeball mod so that I can use it in the video. You can ask Devon about his mods on Instagram. I’m swamped with editing.

      1. Did you find a Pokeball yet? I’m anxious to do it now, I wanna try out this dual mosfet PCB a buddy designed. See ya at the next club meet. Enjoy the great outdoors.

      2. I found a 2.75-inch one that I really like, but wasn’t sure if there’s enough room. I also saw a 4-inch one, but that sounds too big. Also, are you able to do 26500? You can use a C-battery sled.

      3. Let’s do both! If you got the batteries I can come thru on a sled with copper contacts. Radioshack has C’ battery sleds some where around $2.50. Hurry before the holiday rush is on. #uprisecrewâ„¢

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