Monday Housekeeping: Disqus Returns!

Disqus logo

I’ve switched back to the Disqus commenting system. While the WordPress Jetpack commenting system looked promising, it failed on multiple levels. It wouldn’t allow comment nesting and in a few cases it ate your comments. I apologize to any of you that wrote long comments and had them obliterated by WordPress Jetpack. While I have some issues with Disqus, I know that it works and many people love it. So kindly dust off your Disqus accounts and leave a comment below to make sure this thing works with the current RPadTV theme.

A few notes:

  • I’m importing newer comments as I type. Hopefully the import will go smoothly and will finish by the end of the day.
  • I have disabled Disqus’ cookie tracking, just in case you have any privacy concerns. To double up, I recommend going into your Disqus account to make sure you’re opted out of the company’s additional tracking.

Author: RPadTV