Vaping Diaries #355: Off the Record Liquids Interview

Off the Record Liquids

It was excellent hanging out with Off the Record Liquids chief alchemist George Alva at Vape Nights 2015. His company makes some complex and inventive juices. As you’ve probably figured out, Off the Record Liquids uses a musical theme and features a 45 rpm record adapter in its logo (for those of you under 30 or so, here’s info on a 45 rpm adapter). George infused his experience in the music business and love of music into his e-liquid company.

In the interview below, George told me about two Off the Record Liquids flavors. First up is Ziggy Starburst, which replicates the flavor of Hawaiian shave ice (not shaved ice!) with a big kick of jackfruit. Since George started vaping in the Philippines, he wanted to prominently feature an Asian fruit in this flavor. It’s a great choice for vapers that love candy and fruit juices. Next up, he told me about Raw Power, which is RPadholic N8R’s brother’s favorite juice. This concoction blends cigar tobacco, butterscotch, vanilla custard, and hazelnut coffee. It’s one of the more inventive tobacco blends I’ve seen from a SoCal juice maker.

One of George’s newer lines is Vapor Pudding. This line has started out with Chocolate Vanilla Swirl. If you’re a fan of Snack Packs then you’ll definitely want to check out this juice. In the future, Vapor Pudding will have at butterscotch-Butterfinger pudding.

In addition to his own Off the Record Liquids and Vapor Pudding lines, George is offering his ISO-certified lab to partners. He will manufacturer juices for companies or co-release them depending on the business relationship the client wants. For stores that want to make a house juice or DIY juice makers that want to take their mixing to the next level, it’s an interesting opportunity.

To learn more about Off the Record Liquids, Vapor Pudding, and more, kindly check out my chat with George Alva below.

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