Vaping Diaries #356: 528 Custom Vapes Interview

528 Custom Vapes has been serving up sub-ohm tanks before sub-ohm tanks were cool. While these kinds of tanks are hugely popular in the 2015 vaping world, 528 Custom Vapes has been serving them up for years. Many vapers consider the company a trailblazer and cite it as a big influence on today’s rebuildable tank atomizers. At Vape Nights 2015, I caught up with 528 Custom Vapes owner Tom Starkey to learn more about the company, hear about the Monster v3 tank, and learn about future products.

Tom told me a great story about the company’s origins. 528 Custom Vapes was initially funded by a check Tom received after wrecking his car. The company’s name was derived from the apartment he was living in at the time. Local vapers used to say, “Hey, we have to go to 528 to get out tanks customized!” 528 Custom Vapes became popular for its modified Kayfun atomizers. While the Kayfun was known for its great flavor, the vapor production left something to be desired for vapers accustomed to rebuildable dripping atomizers. Tom’s modifications drastically increased the airflow, allowing for one of the first — if not the first — tanks suitable for cloud chasers.

The modified Kayfuns went onto be known as the 528 Custom Vapes Monster. The company is currently on version three of the product. In the clip below, Tom goes over some of the features of the Monster v3. He also spoke about future products. 528 Custom Vapes is currently working on a dripper. I’m excited to see Tom’s take on a dripping atomizer.

Lastly, Tom spoke about the 528 Custom Vapes logo. It reminds many older vapers of the Thundercats cartoon from the ’80s. The symbol was actually influenced by Tom’s friends in the tattoo business, rather than the cartoon.

To learn more about 528 Custom Vapes, check out my chat with Tom Starkey below.

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