Vaping Diaries #360: Mr. and Mrs. Sweet Interview

Mr. and Mrs. Sweet is a new line of vaping e-liquids made by Drip of Choice Labs. If you’re a fan of candy-flavored juices then you’ll definitely want to check out this line. At Vape Nights 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Sweet mad mixer Britten Allen told me about the line, its launch flavor, and the next flavor he’s working on.

As some of you have probably guessed, this juice line gets it name from the movie¬†Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Instead of competing secret agents, Britten and his girlfriend at making vaping e-liquids. Which is good, because there’s a lot less gunfire involved. The first juice in the Mr. and Mrs. Sweet lineup is called Roxx. This flavor is a strawberry-watermelon concoction based on the Pop Rocks candy. Coming sometime around January 2016 is the next Mr. and Mrs. Sweet flavor, which is based on the blue gummi shark candies. Britten is currently working out the balance of blue raspberry sweetness and marshmallow savoriness for this juice.

While candy e-liquids aren’t usually my thing, I dig what Britten is doing with Mr. and Mrs. Sweet. The line is distinct from his Drip of Choice line and fills a niche. In Southern California, candy vapes are very, very popular and it’s no surprise that Mr. and Mrs. Sweet¬†has been met with great fanfare. Many SoCal vapers dig Britten’s work from his previous companies and they love candy juices. Ergo they love his latest e-liquids.

To learn more about Mr. and Mrs. Sweet, check out my Vape Nights 2015 chat with Britten Allen below.

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