Vaping Diaries #233: Innokin Paul Aaron Hare Interview (ECC 2014)

One of the most interesting booths I visited at ECC 2014 was Innokin’s. The company had a wide variety of vaping products geared towards all sorts of vapers. Thankfully, Innokin chief marketing officer Paul Aaron Hare was on hand to walk me through them. The venerable iTaste SVD is getting updated through a partnership with the excellent Evolv Vapor. The iTaste SVD 2 uses a custom chip called the DNA Experience. One of my favorite things about Innokin is that the company isn’t afraid to take design risks, as seen in the iTaste 134 and iTaste VTR. That tradition continues with the Arachnid and Clockwork mods (both prototypes) displayed at the show. RPadholic N8R and I were both smitten with Innokin’s copper mod, codenamed Torch. This beauty features a Statue of Liberty engraving, which totally appealed to the New Yorker in me. The 134 series is going mechanical, with the 134 MX-M and 134 MX-Z models. Lastly, Innokin had a new rebuildable atomizer called the Exthermal, which resembles a beehive or a ray gun, depending on your point of view.

Innokin has long been my favorite vaping company out of China and it’s continuing to broaden its reach. The company has always excelled with beginner and intermediate devices. Its variable-voltage and variable-wattage devices have been strong too. It’s great to see the company branching out with mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers, both of which should appeal to advanced vapers. Throughout the entire product line, Innokin offers relatively low prices and solid build quality. While so many Chinese vaping companies pump out clones, it’s great to see a company like Innokin working on original products that are great for all sorts of vapers. Be sure to check out the video above to see Innokin’s latest and greatest, as described by the company’s chief marketing officer, Paul Aaron Hare.

Innokin ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV