Vaping Diaries #152: Innokin iTaste VTR Review

The Innokin iTaste VTR is a variable-voltage/variable-wattage box mod with a unique form factor. Positioned as the company’s premium box mod — with the iTaste MVP 2 positioned as the affordable model — the iTaste VTR has all the features vapers want from a VV/VW device. Its performance is accurate, the wattage and voltage ranges are broad, it can check resistance (ohms), and the build quality is tops. To me, this is the best product Innokin has ever released, but there’s a big reason to disagree with my opinion — the weight. With its integrated-clearomizer design, the iTaste VTR is fairly compact, but it’s also one of the heaviest vaping devices I’ve used. Some people will be completely turned off by the weight, but if you can manage it then you’ll enjoy one of the best mass-market box mods available today.

What’s in the Kit: The iTaste VTR comes in a decorative box, similar to the iTaste 134. The box comes with the unit, an iClear 30s clearomizer, a 510 adapter tube, and the instruction manual. You’ll need to supply your own 18650 battery.

Ergonomics and Design: The design is the most unique feature of this vaping device. Unlike most box mods — which aren’t all that common to begin with — the iTaste VTR has a compartment for an atomizer. Obviously it was designed to hold Innokin’s iClear 30 and iClear 30s products, but it can accept clearomizers with a diameter of 19mm or less. With a clearomizer that size inserted into the unit, the iTaste VTR is quite compact. That’s the good news.

The bad news, for some vapers, is that the iTaste VTR is extremely heavy. It’s one of the heaviest vaping devices I’ve ever used. Even though I generally prefer mods with a nice heft to them, there were times when I felt the weight of the iTaste VTR was a bit much. For vapers that prefer lighter devices, the weight is definitely a deal-breaker. Based on the weight alone, I highly recommend checking out the iTaste VTR at a shop to see if the weight is something that will work for you.

As for the other ergonomic aspects of the iTaste VTR, let’s look at the device with the clearomizer slot pointed down. To the left of the slot is the LCD display, which is very bright and easy to read. Going clockwise, the firing button is opposite the clearo cutout. At the top of the unit is a dial to adjust voltage and wattage, with a function button in the center of the dial.

If you’re using an atomizer that doesn’t fit into the cutout then you can use the included 510 adapter tube. The adapter accepts both 510-threaded and eGo-threaded atomizers. It’s a nice inclusion, but really defeats the purpose of the product’s design.

If you can manage the weight and use an atomizer that fits into the cutout, the iTaste VTR is generally comfortable to use. I enjoyed using it most of the time. When I was out walking and vaping, there were a few occasions where the heft was a bit much for me.

Construction and Build Quality: The model I reviewed was the polished version, which picks up fingerprints like crazy. The unit looks lovely when it’s clean, but after a few minutes of use you’ll have loads of fingerprint smudges. I hate that, but understand that many vapers don’t mind it. If you hate fingerprints then you should consider the green version of this product.

Like Innokin’s other top devices, the build quality is very good. The device is put together well and the quality is strong for a mass-produced product. As far as construction goes, the iTaste VTR is among Innokin’s best offerings.

Operation: Using the iTaste VTR is a snap. Pressing the function button brings up the atomizer resistance (ohms) and last voltage or wattage setting. Pressing it again will change it between variable-voltage and variable-wattage mode. Moving the the wheel clockwise will increase voltage or wattage, while moving it counterclockwise decreases those settings.

The voltage range is 3.0 to 6.0 volts adjustable in 0.1-volt increments, while the wattage range is 3.0 to 15.0 volts adjustable in 0.5-watt increments. This is a broader range than what the iTaste MVP 2 features.

The LED above the firing button give you a general idea of your battery life. Green means that your battery is above 3.75 volts, yellow means it’s somewhere between 3.61 and 3.75 volts, and red means that it’s below 3.61 volts.

Performance and Battery Life: Like Innokin’s other top products, the iTaste VTR delivers consistent output. I used it at a variety of voltage and wattage settings, and was satisfied with what the device delivered. The device is best used with the clearomizer cutout. With the 510 adapter tube, the unit seemed to deliver slightly less power (which you can compensate for by dialing up voltage or wattage) and didn’t check resistance as consistently as it did with the atomizer connected directly to the slot. The wasn’t too surprising since the adapter adds another junction for current to flow through.

Since the iTaste VTR has a five-amp limit, I recommend going with a high-mAh battery like the Panasonic NCR18650B. With its 3,100 mAh capacity, this battery will get most vapers at least a day and half of vaping, while some vapers will get two days or more out of it.

Innokin iTaste VTR review

Verdict: There are many things I love about the Innokin iTaste VTR. Its design is unique, different, and compact. It comes at an affordable price (street price of around $80). Its performance is consistent. And the kit is complete (really like the iClear 30s, btw). Prior to the iTaste VTR’s release, I thought that the iTaste SVD was Innokin’s best product to date. Personally, I feel that the iTaste VTR is even better, but I completely understand someone thinking otherwise, simply because of the unit’s weight.

The iTaste VTR offers the features and performance at vapers want from a VV/VW device, but its unusually high weight is a deal-breaker for some. That’s totally understandable. If you’re looking for a VV/VW device and don’t mind a heavy product then the iTaste VTR will make you very, very happy. If weight is a concern and you don’t mind a lower voltage/wattage range then the iTaste MVP 2 is a better choice.

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  1. Is it like the JOYE EVIC and will not go to the highest setting on some atomizers or did you not get to the higher voltages and wattages because of time?

    1. No, the eVic — an Ovale invention, not a Joyetech invention — has a two-amp limit. That’s why it won’t work with low-resistance atomizers at higher voltage/wattage settings. The iTaste VTR has a five-amp limit.

  2. I’ve always used AW IMR 18650, 490, and 350’s in all my devices, because that’s what Provape recommends for it’s Provari’s, and well, I’ve just stuck with those and haven’t tried anything else. Could you please comment on recommending the NCR B’s? In your opinion, are they just as good, safe, etc. ? Thanks. best regards, larry mac

    1. I recommend those batteries for this particular product and other digital mods. I think they’re just as safe. Most digital mods have a low amp limit, so you might as well go for maximum battery life, as I explained in the article.

      Are the Panasonic NCR18650Bs just as good as AW IMRs? It depends on what you want to do with them. AW IMR batteries are fantastic and versatile enough for most vapers. For vapers that want to explore sub-ohm vaping on mechanical mods, I think there are better choices. I’ll write a column about it in the near future. Right now I would only buy batteries from AW, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and MNKE.

    1. Ha! It’s heavy, but it’s pocketable. There are some vapers that like the weight, but I think it’s too heavy for many. On the plus side, with a high mAh battery, you can get two days or more from a single charge.

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