Vaping Diaries #153: EHPro Nzonic Clone Review

A few months ago I reviewed EHPro’s EA Mod and was very, very impressed. With that in mind, I was curious to see if the EHPro Nzonic clone would offer a similar combination of strong performance and good construction quality at an affordable price. In a nutshell, it does not. While the EHPro Nzonic clone is a good product, there are other clones on the market that offer a better vaping experience at a similar price.

What’s in the Kit: The EHPro Nzonic clone comes with the mod, two extension tubes, a protective pouch, and a polishing cloth. It’s a nice and complete package, especially for an inexpensive clone.

Build Quality and Construction: The EHPro Nzonic clone has average build quality. The stainless steel body feels good and has a nice heft to it. Unfortunately, the unit I received had average threads with some visible burrs. The burrs didn’t affect the action of the threads, but they were definitely unsightly. Burrs aside, the threads had above-average smoothness.

My biggest issue with the mod was its firing button. As far as construction goes, the magnetized switch and firing mechanism were finicky. The button often popped out while in my mod bag. By comparison, I never had this problem with the Nzonic v4 or the Vape Los Angeles Oni (the latter is mechanically identical to the EHPro Nzonic clone).

While I liked the EHPro Nzonic clone’s metal body, the thread burrs and firing button bugged me.

Design and Ergonomics: Although this mod is touted as an Nzonic clone, it’s not a 1:1 clone — very far from it. It’s much bigger than a real Nzonic and the firing button feels nothing like the one on the original. I greatly preferred the original’s smaller size. The firing button…I really didn’t like. It has a soft feel, which is good, but it also has an unusually long throw. On the plus side, despite the long and mushy feel of the firing button, it does not fire when placed down while unlocked, even with a large atomizer on top.

Like the real Nzonic, the EHPro Nzonic clone is versatile. It can accept 18350 to 18650 batteries. The extension tube is long enough so that you can use an 18650 and an Evolv Kick. Not many mods offer that option, so this mod should be on the short list for Kick users that want the long battery life 18650-sized batteries offer.

While it doesn’t compare to the real Nzonic mechanically, aesthetically the EHPro Nzonic clone uses a lot of the same design language. The brushed stainless steel body has lines on the top cap and the signature Filipino sun drip well. The bottom cap has a brass accent ring, a brass firing button, and a decorative sapphire-like crystal. For the most part, it’s a handsome mod, though the firing button looks a bit cheap.

Performance: While I wasn’t a fan of the EHPro Nzonic clone’s size and firing button, there’s no arguing with its performance. Thanks to reasonably tight engineering and silver-plated copper contacts, the voltage drop is relatively low and the performance is very strong. While it wasn’t quite as good as what I experienced with the EHPro EA Mod or the Nzonic v4, the EHPro Nzonic clone offers very good performance for a stainless steel telescopic mod.

EHPro Nzonic Clone review

Verdict: For less than $60, the EHPro Nzonic clone offers good performance for the money. If you like its size, looks, and button feel then you should snatch one up. As far as clones go, I think the EHPro EA Mod and Hcigar Nemesis are better choices. The former offers better performance in a side-firing package, while the latter offers a better feel and superior build quality in a fixed-tube setup. The EHPro Nzonic clone isn’t a bad device by any means, but there are better choices out there for vapers looking for a budget mechanical mod.

Author: RPadTV