Vaping Diaries #149: Madz Modz Nzonic v4 Review

Madz Modz is a Filipino mechanical-mod maker that’s best known for its Nzonic series. The latest model of the popular telescoping mod is the Nzonic v4. In addition to sporting a gorgeous media-blasted finish, the mod has a few under-the-hood changes that improve its performance. In short, the Nzonic v4 takes this popular series of mechs to new heights.

Build Quality and Construction: Madz Modz did a great job with the build quality and construction of the Nzonic v4. The threads are smooth and the materials are top notch. The tubes are made from stainless steel and feature a handsome “media blasted” finish. The result is a dark look that doesn’t pick up fingerprints.

The contacts on the Nzonic v4 are particularly noteworthy. The positive pin is silver-plated copper — two of the best metals for electrical conducitivity. Many high-end mods feature silver plating of 15 microns, while many Chinese mods use less than that. The Nzonic v4’s pin has an unusually thick 20-micron coating of silver. Silver is an expensive metal and I appreciated Madz Modz’s liberal use of silver for the positive pin.

Overall, the Nzonic v4 is a well-made mod that’s among the best from the Philippines and can compete with the best telescopic mods from anywhere in the world.

Design and Ergonomics: As far as design goes, there are several things that make the Nzonic v4 stand out. Like most telescopic mods, it can be used with 18350 to 18650 batteries. Unlike most telescopic mods, it can be used with an 18650 battery and an Evolv Kick (or similar device). Most telescopic mods top out at 18490/18500 batteries for Kick use.

The Nzonic v4’s switch uses magnets. Unlike many competing mods that use magnets instead of springs, this one has a firm feel and a very short throw. Button feel is subjective, but for me the Nzonic v4’s button is perfect — it’s firm enough to stand unlocked without firing and the throw is short enough that firing requires a light touch. Misfires can be an issue with magnetic switches, but I never had the problem with Nzonic v4 after several weeks of vaping.

In terms of looks, the Nzonic v4 is distinct without being too flashy (a common criticism of Pinoy mods). The bottom tube has a subtle logo, the top cap has simple lines and an awesome Filipino-sun styled drip well, and the bottom cap has the company name, serial number, and decorative crystal. I love the design of the Nzonic v4; it’s a distinct and elegant mod.

Performance: The Nzonic v4’s performance surprised me. Considering that it’s a telescopic mod made from stainless steel, I was expecting bigger voltage drops. Of course the silver-plated copper pin helps boost the performance, but I was still surprised. This is one of the hardest hitting telescopic mods out there. Its performance actually exceeded some of the fixed-tube mods I’ve used. Naturally, it doesn’t hit quite as hard as high-end fixed-tube mods made from brass or copper. Overall I was extremely happy with the output of the Nzonic v4 and the mod made me even more excited for a brass version.

Madz Modz Nzonic V4 Review

Verdict: Lately, I’ve been shying away from telescopic mods because they generally offer lower performance and I use 18650 batteries 99 percent of the time. While I plan on sticking with fixed tube mods for personal purchases, the Nzonic v4 will certainly have a regular spot in my rotation. I love the way it looks, the build quality is impressive, the materials are fantastic, and the performance is surprisingly great. If you’re looking for a telescopic stainless-steel mod then the Madz Modz Nzonic v4 should definitely be on your wish list.

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