Vaping Diaries #85: EHPro EA Mod Review

The EHPro EA Mod is an affordable mechanical vaping device with surprisingly great performance. It’s a clone of the Electric Angel EA Mod (which some vapers consider a clone of the Golden Greek) with some minor improvements. While the fit and finish aren’t as nice as the Finnish mod it’s based on, the EHPro clone provides better performance for 1/4 of the price. This is the mod that made pay attention to Chinese clones.

What’s in the Kit: The EHPro EA Mod comes in a fairly ordinary box. It’s a clone and I’ve yet to see fancy packaging for a clone. The box comes with a short tube and a long tube to accommodate different batteries (18350 to 18650). Also included is a polishing cloth. One minor nitpick is that the longer tube isn’t long enough to accept an 18650 battery and an Evolv Kick.

Build Quality and Construction: The EA clone is primarily made from stainless steel. The button and contact points are made from gold-plated brass. The gold plating helps the mod’s performance, since gold is more conductive than brass, but users need to treat it gently. Gold is a relatively soft metal, so care must be used when cleaning the contact points. For the price, I was impressed with the materials used.

The mod’s lines are very clean, but the internal machining work is uneven. The threads are decent, but could have been smoother. One of the tubes in my kit had shavings around the threads, which is just sloppy. The overall build quality is good, but not great, which is acceptable for the product’s price.

Ergonomics and Design: The EA clone has a side-mounted firing button placed at the bottom of the mod. I like this type of button placement as the mod’s weight is distributed evenly through your hand, but some vapers don’t like hitting the firing button with their pinky finger. The button itself has a slightly better feel and is easier to take apart for maintenance than the one on the original EA Mod. Most importantly, it didn’t misfire once. I found the mod very comfortable to hold and the button action quite smooth, but that’s subjective.

The mod uses a floating pin, allowing atomizers of various sizes to sit flush. I had no problems with various direct-dripping atomizers, clearomizers, carto/tanks, and rebuildables I used with it. This is a very easy mod to work with in my experience. However, some users have reported that the floating pin is too long and can’t get their atomizer to sit flush.

Performance: The EA clone’s low voltage drop was quite surprising. It’s very, very good — much lower than the original’s. This mod hits hard and delivers true power. If performance is your chief concern then you’ll be quite happy with this mod. I had average expectation’s for the clone’s performance and was pleasantly surprised by what it delivered.

Verdict: While it doesn’t have the craftsmanship of the original, the EHPro EA Mod offers superior performance. If you’re just starting out with mechanical mods then this is a great choice. It’s also a fantastic option for experienced vapers that want a backup device or one that they’re not afraid to beat up. With online prices ranging from $50 to $60, this EA clone is a sweet value. You get great materials and decent build quality in a mod that performs as well or better than those that cost four times as much.

Author: RPadTV