Vaping Diaries #101: Innokin iTaste MVP 2 Review

The Innokin iTaste MVP 2 takes everything that vapers loved about the original and adds several new features that make it an excellent all-around package. Like the original, the iTaste MVP 2 has accurate performance and outstanding battery life. The added features include variable-wattage performance, the ability to check resistance (ohms), more precise battery readout, and enhancements to the physical design. When I reviewed the MVP in 2012, I called it, “one of the best deals on the market today.” The same holds true for the iTaste MVP 2.

What’s in the Kit: The Innokin iTaste MVP 2 comes with the unit, a charging cable (wall adapter required), and iClear clearomizers. One package comes with a single iClear 30 clearomizer, while the other comes with two iClear 16 clearomizers. Personally, I’d opt for the iClear 30 version, as I like that clearo better than its smaller sister product.

Ergonomics and Design: Like other box mods, the iTaste MVP 2 is small and compact. It fits easily into a pocket, bag, or purse. For the most part, it retains the style and design language of its predecessor. Some people like its understated looks, while others don’t. I enjoy its looks, since it reminds me of the iRiver MP3 players I used 11 years ago.

The mod feels good in your hand, though some people dislike the placement of the firing button. I found it comfortable to use. However, I understand vapers that would have preferred a button on top of the unit.

The iTaste MVP 2’s firing button is raised, as opposed to the original’s button, which was flush against the unit. The beauty ring is also flush against the unit, while last year’s hung over the side, which could lead to snags. The silver accents at the top and bottom of the unit are matte, as opposed to the polished finish used in last year’s model. These three changes are responses to complaints people had about the original model and they make the unit a little bit better.

The MVP 2’s atomizer connector is greatly improved. It accepts standard 510 and eGo-threaded atomizers. The original worked with 510 parts and iClear clearomizers. For example (also shown in the video), the Kanger T3 clearomizer would not fit in the MVP, but fits just fine in the iTaste MVP 2.

One change Innokin didn’t make with the iTaste MVP 2 was with on/off button for the output feature. It protrudes and can make the device slightly unstable. I haven’t had this problem, since I don’t use this device with a heavy atomizer, but can see how it can be issue for those that use high-capacity glass or metal tanks.

Overall, the iTaste MVP 2’s design will appeal to a broad range of vapers. It’s compact, relatively light, and comfortable to use.

Construction and Build Quality: The iTaste MVP 2’s build quality is great for the price. It’s made mostly from metal (available in four different finishes) and has a plastic firing button. The lines are clean and it’s mostly a solid device. One (very) minor complaint I had was with the P/U buttons on the side of the unit. They rattle slightly, while the buttons in the original MVP didn’t move at all.

Operation: Variable-wattage is the major addition to the iTaste MVP 2’s feature set. The wattage range is 6.0 to 11.0, adjustable in increments of 0.5 watts. Like the original, the voltage range is 3.3 to 5.0 volts, adjustable in 0.1-volt increments.

For such a versatile device, using the iTaste MVP 2 is a snap. Pressing both side buttons displays resistance and battery charge. A short click on the P- or U-buttons shows the puff count. A long press on P-button displays the wattage, while additional clicks let you adjust the wattage. A long press on the U-button displays the voltage, while additional clicks let you adjust that voltage. The information is displayed on a very bright and easy-to-read screen. Innokin did a marvelous job at making the iTaste MVP 2 easy to use.

Like the original model, the iTaste MVP 2 allows you to vape and charge at the same time. It can also charge external devices. This is strictly a backup feature and shouldn’t be relied on for daily charging. The unit can charge Micro USB, Mini USB, and Apple devices using a 32-pin connection. It would have been nice if the Mini USB (not used much these days) or the 32-pin connection were dropped in favor of an Apple Lighting connection (used in newer iOS devices). However, Lightning licenses are expensive and would have added to the cost of the iTaste MVP 2. For a feature not everyone would use, I completely understand why the cost wasn’t worth it.

Performance and Battery Life: The iTaste MVP 2’s outstanding feature is its battery life. Using it as my sole device, I was able to get more than a day and half of use — that’s with heavy vaping. People that vape less frequently will be able to get two days or more out of a full charge. It’s an extraordinary device as far as battery life goes.

The unit also has consistent output. It delivered solidly at the various voltage and wattage settings I used, with atomizers ranging from 1.2 to 3.0 ohms. The output remained steady for the majority of the charge.

The thing to keep in mind is that the battery isn’t easily user-replaceable. Ultimately, that makes the iTaste MVP 2 a disposal device. Generally speaking, lithium-ion batteries can handle around 500 charging cycles before battery life degrades. When the iTaste MVP 2’s battery life starts to run too short, it’s time to recycle it or perform a complex replacement that most vapers won’t want to deal with.

Verdict: The Innokin iTaste MVP 2 has an MSRP of $69, but I’ve seen a few online retailers list it for $60. In that price range, it’s a great deal. You get a fairly complete kit, consistent performance, and stellar battery life in a compact package. Last year’s model hit the sweet spot of price, performance, and features. While vaping has advanced rapidly since then, the iTaste MVP 2 also hits that sweet spot by adding features vapers want and making some physical upgrades. It’s a fantastic choice as a primary vaping device and a great choice for a backup with long battery life. Innokin has knocked another one out of the park with the iTaste MVP 2.

Author: RPadTV