Vaping Diaries #17: Innokin iTaste MVP Review

The iTaste MVP from Innokin is currently one of the hottest products in vaping and it’s easy to see why. It offers great performance and battery life in a sturdy metal body. What’s even more impressive is that the iTaste MVP offers top performance and versatile features for a low price. That said, it’s missing one key feature and has a few quirks. Read on for more details on Innokin’s latest and greatest.

What’s in the Kit: The iTaste MVP comes in a nice plastic box that looks like a product that would be on display at Best Buy. Included are the base unit, two clearomizers, a decorative ring, and a unique charging cable. Obviously the cable can be used to charge the device, but it can also be used as an external charger for Mini USB devices, Micro USB devices, and Apple products that use the old 30-pin connection. Newer iOS products like the iPhone 5 and the latest iPad use a Lightning connection and can’t be charged with the unit. The external charging capabilities of the MVP can be a lifesaver, but shouldn’t be relied on for everyday use.

Construction and Build Quality: The build quality of the MVP is very good. I love that it’s mostly made from metal, as opposed to the many competing box mods that are made from plastic. The button is flush against the unit, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally firing it off in your pocket. It also has a nice responsive click.

In terms of looks, the MVP reminded me of the iRiver MP3 player I was using in 2002. That’s kind of cool in a retro-tech way, but if that’s not your thing then you’ll find the design a bit ordinary.

Ergonomics and Design: The MVP is longer and thinner than other box mods I’ve used, like the Vapor 4 Life Handle (Smoktech VV Gripper). It feels good in the hand, but some people might not like the placement of the firing button. Many box mods have the firing button on the top of the unit, while the MVP’s is along the side. I had no problem with it, using my index finger (button on top) or my thumb (button on the bottom).

The MVP uses a standard 510 connection. The decorative ring can be used with cartomizer/tank setups for a smoother look. While Innokin lists the MVP as eGo-threaded, it will not work with all eGo-threaded parts without an adapter. The included clearomizers are fine, but parts like the popular Kanger T3 will not fit on the unit without a 510 to eGo adapter.

Operation: Using the MVP is a breeze. It’s three clicks to turn it on or off. The lights around the power button show you how much battery life is left; green means you’re good to go, yellow means that you’re starting to run low, and red means that you should charge immediately. The unit can be charged in a pseudo-passthrough way; you’ll need some battery power to use the MVP while it’s charging.

The display screen along the side of the device is one of the brightest and clearest I’ve ever seen. Hitting the “plus” or “minus” button brings up the puff counter. Some people make fun of that feature, but I think it’s useful for those that are trying to limit their nicotine intake. After the puff count is displayed, you can adjust the voltage in increments of 0.10 volts. The MVP can be used from 3.3 to 5.0 volts; vapers that enjoy high voltages will be disappointed in the device’s range. One thing I didn’t like was that you’re not able to adjust the voltage straight away; you have to wait for the puff count, whether you care about the feature or not.

The one thing that’s missing is an ohm meter. It would have been brilliant if the MVP could check the resistance of your cartomizers and clearomizers.

Performance and Battery Life: With a large 2,600 mAh battery, the MVP should last most vapers more than a day. Using various cartomizers and clearomizers at different voltages, I got at least a day and half out of a single charge.

While the battery life was very impressive, I was even more impressed by the consistent performance. The power and accuracy of the device was consistent throughout the entire charge. I was expecting a noticeable drop-off after 2/3 of the battery, but was pleasantly surprised by the MVP’s consistency.

One thing to keep in mind is that the battery isn’t user replaceable. The MVP does not use standard-sized batteries that you can purchase from another vendor. Advanced tinkerers can replace the unit’s layered battery cells, but most vapers won’t know how or won’t care to do that.

Verdict: I’ve seen the MVP listed for $60 to $70. Considering its stellar battery life, great and consistent performance, and inclusion of two clearomizers, that’s a fantastic value — easily one of the best deals on the market today.

Most of the issues I had with it were pretty minor — the threads not accepting parts like the Kanger T3 and having to look at the puff count before you can adjust voltage. I do wish the device had an ohm meter; the puff counter is only useful for some vapers, while being able to check resistance would be useful for most. As for the characteristics that are most important — performance and battery life — the iTaste MVP knocks it out of the park.

Innokin has a big winner on its hands with the iTaste MVP. If you’re in the market for a box mod, the MVP hits the sweet spot in terms price, features, and performance.

Edit 8:44PM PT: Innokin contacted me to say that the current version of the MVP will be updated so that the threading will accept clearomizers like the T3 and the next version of the MVP will have an ohm meter.

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