Vaping Diaries #32: Cirrus Vapes Tank Review

For the last few months, I’ve been using a pair of tanks from Cirrus Vapes — one polycarbonate tank and one pyrex tank. Both are made in the USA, feature caps and tips made from aircraft aluminum, come with a 90-day warranty, and are among the best-looking tanks I’ve seen. The construction and finish of these babies are top notch. While both tanks are undeniably high-quality products, I found one to be on the expensive side and the other to be inline with the competition.

The polycarbonate tank I used was designed for XL cartomizers. The blue tank and tip looked fantastic on my Vapor4Life Handle¬†and would look equally sweet on eGo-sized products. While it’s easily one of the best-looking polycarbonate tanks I’ve seen, its price is high — $36 for the tank and $10 for the matching drip tip. That’s a fair price for an aluminum tip that’s made in the USA, but paying that much for a polycarbonate tank is tougher to swallow.

The pyrex tank, on the other hand, is priced similarly to other high-end glass products — $46 for the tank and $14 for the large drip tip. This particular model was made for standard-sized cartomizers. Like its polycarbonate sister, this is one of the most beautiful tanks I’ve seen. The craftsmanship of the tank, caps, and drip tip are impressive. It looked great on my iTaste MVP and made all of my mods look better. Although there are many pyrex tanks priced similarly or cheaper than this Cirrus Vapes model, I don’t know of any that can match its combination of quality and looks.

In addition to its “standard” line, Cirrus Vapes makes lots of custom models too. Check out the company Facebook page and you’ll see a wide variety of designs — leopard print, camouflage, stars, flames, crosses, skulls, and more. The custom models are totally sweet. The green camouflage with black caps is especially awesome. Me want.

While Cirrus Vapes makes some of the finest tanks you can buy, they’re not easy to find. Right now, they’re only available at certain California retail stores and a handful of shops in other states. The good news is that the company is expanding, so expect to see them in more and more stores. The better news is that Cirrus will have an online web store in the near future.

If you’re able to pick one up, I highly recommend Cirrus Vapes’ pyrex model. It’s well-made, sturdy, and beautiful. As a homer for made-in-the-USA products, I’m thrilled to see an American company offering top-notch products at a fair price.

Author: RPadTV