Vaping Diaries #14: Vapor4Life Handle Review (V4L OMG)

The Vapor4Life Handle is a nice, compact vaping device that offers big power and amazing battery life. It’s part of V4L’s OMG line, which is geared towards advanced vapers. The Handle is currently available for $89.95 and comes in four colors: black, blue, green, and magenta. I’ve been using the blue model for a little under two weeks and I’m super-impressed with the product, save for one aspect. Read on for the details (please)!

What’s in the Kit: The Handle comes in a nice box with the unit, a battery, a charger, and the instruction manual. The 18650 battery is rated at 2,800 mAh, which is considerably higher than the competing batteries.

Form Factor and Ergonomics: This box mod has a simple but sleek look. With the battery in the unit, it strikes a nice balance between feeling light and having a good heft. The Handle is a pocketable device that you can safely place on a desk. I put a full 7ml tank on top of the device and it was totally stable on flat surfaces. The side of the unit has four finger grooves, but I found that using all four was too tight and my hands aren’t particularly big. For me, placing three fingers on the grooves and my pinky on the bottom was the most comfortable way to hold the Handle.

Operation: Using the Handle is a snap. It turns on and off with five clicks of the power button. A single click shows you the resistance of the cartomizer you’re using and the battery’s remaining charge. The former feature is fantastic for trying to figure out what voltage setting you should use (generally speaking, higher resistance cartomizers require higher voltages). The voltage can be adjusted from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in increments of 0.10.

Build Quality: This is the only aspect of the Handle that I wasn’t pleased with. The device is made from a rubberized plastic that has a nice texture, but feels a bit chip and flimsy. The battery door has a hinge that feels delicate. If you’re clumsy or not careful, I can see the battery door ripping off. While the plastic hardly screams luxury, the unit is put together nicely and the lines are clean.

Performance and Battery Life: The Handle’s performance exceeded my expectations. Output was very consistent for the first two-thirds of the battery. After that, I had to turn the voltage up a bit to achieve the same vape. This is normal behavior for an unregulated device. Battery life was outstanding. A full charge usually got me through a day and a half of heavy vaping. I can easily see many vapers getting two days out of a full charge.

Verdict: Aside from the plastic, I really enjoyed using the Handle. It’s a strong performer with stellar battery life. That said, it’s slightly overpriced. The good news is that Vapor4Life provides strong customer support, so the price is justifiable. For existing V4L users, I’d suggest picking up this product straight away. It’s easily the best device V4L offers and is compatible with the company’s many 808D parts. If you’re not part of the V4L family and have an abundance of 808D cartomizers/clearomizers, the Handle is definitely worth considering.

Author: RPadTV