Adam Sessler Joins Revision 3 Games (Rev3Games)

Congrats to the excellent Adam Sessler on his new gig at Revision 3! Videogame-television’s leading man will serve as executive producer and editor-in-chief of Rev3Games. Check out the intro video above to learn about Adam’s new job and be sure to hit the break for a naked photo of Sessler.

Author: RPadTV


9 thoughts on “Adam Sessler Joins Revision 3 Games (Rev3Games)”

      1. Yeah, I’ve never heard of Revision 3, either. But that’s O.K., because Revision 3 has probably never heard of me, either.


      2. Rev3 has a lot of popular talent and producers from TechTV. Among my SF tech-nerd friends, it’s a pretty huge deal, so it’s entirely possible that I’m overestimating its reach and popularity.

    1. Well…at least you admitted it, right? I’ll let Adam know that he has another career waiting for him should he get tired of videogames.

      1. Do you mean a niche career in pr0n that has really, really ugly guys bone hot chicks to make the watcher of the video feel better about himself? I call that positive image self-sacrificing porn or “P.I.S.S. porn” for short.

        (see: Ron Jeremy)


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