Vaping Diaries #48: Innokin iTaste SVD Review

A few months ago, I reviewed the Innokin iTaste MVP and walked away impressed. While the device lacked some features that some vapers want in a mod, it still offered great performance and value for the money. I’ve been using Innokin’s latest mod — the iTaste SVD (Superior Vaping Device) — for the last month and find it even more impressive than its predecessor. This is a well-made mod that features quality construction and great performance in a complete kit that’s available for a relatively low price.

What’s in the Kit: The iTaste SVD comes with the mod, two telescoping tubes to accommodate different battery sizes, two iClear 30 clearomizers, three replacement coils for the clearos, an instruction manual for the mod, and an instruction manual for the clearos. This is an especially great kit for new vapers; all you need are some batteries, a charger, and e-liquid to start vaping.

Construction and Build Quality: The iTaste SVD is made primarily from stainless steel. The body is very sturdy, which is to be expected from a stainless steel mod. The lines are clean and the mod is generally attractive. Star Wars nerds will love that it looks like lightsaber. Overall I was impressed by the design and construction of the iTaste SVD. It feels like a high-quality product that should cost a bit more than it does.

It’s easy to assemble the mod and change batteries after putting a bit of Noalox on the threads. I highly recommend using Noalox or another anti-oxidant lubricant with the SVD. It makes the tubes easier to handle and helps extend the life of the threads.

One of my criticisms of the original iTaste MVP is that it didn’t work with all eGo-threaded products. That issue has been addressed with the iTaste SVD. It works well with standard 510 products, as well as eGo-threaded products.

Ergonomics and Design: The mod is slightly thin for a device that uses 18xxx batteries. Depending on the battery configuration used, it can be too long for some users. For single-battery use, it can use 18350 to 18650 batteries. For vapers that want the maximum voltage and wattage range, stacked 18350 batteries are recommended. With a single 18490 battery, the iTaste SVD is longer than many 18650 mods. Using an 18650 or two 18350 batteries gives it borderline comical length.

I’ve been using the iTaste SVD mostly with 18490 and 18650 batteries. While I wasn’t getting the battery life I needed with the former, the size was acceptable. With an 18650 the device was longer than what I like, but not something that bothered me. However, I can see the length being an issue for some vapers that want to use this mod with larger or stacked batteries.

As for the weight, I loved it, even with the 18650. I like heavy mods with a substantial heft, so SVD felt great to me. People that prefer lighter mods might not enjoy how this mod feels. The weight of the stainless steel body combined with the weight of a large battery or two stacked batteries can make this mod too heavy for some people.

Operation: The iTaste SVD can be adjusted from 3.3 to 6.0 volts in increments of 0.1 volts. For variable wattage, it has a range of 3.0 to 15.0 watts that can be adjusted in increments of 0.5 watts. For such a powerful and diverse mod, it’s really easy to use. There’s a firing button, a plus button, and a minus button. The various functions are activated using a combination of buttons presses (which I listed in my preview).

The iTaste SVD has a bright and clear LED display that displays voltage, wattage, battery life, atomizer resistance, and more. The firing button displays green, yellow, and red to give you a rough idea of battery life. Between the simple controls and bright screen, most vapers will find this mod a breeze to use.

Performance and Battery Life: Like the other Innokin products I’ve used, the iTaste SVD delivered consistent output for some great vaping. It worked well with the various atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers I put on it. Output remained consistent for the entire life of the battery. For those concerned with safety, the mod has a battery protection circuit and overtime vaping warnings.

Battery life, of course, depends on what you have in the mod. With an 18490, I was getting about half a day of vaping. My preferred 18650 battery gave me a little more than a full day. I appreciate that the iTaste SVD doesn’t come with batteries. It gives vapers the choice to buy the battery size that best suits their needs. Many vendors also package their mods with crap batteries and chargers; hopefully this mod will help vapers avoid garbage products and buy quality products like Panasonic’s excellent 18650s and the Nitecore Intellicharge i4┬ácharger.

Verdict: Innokin continues to impress with its excellent vaping devices. The iTaste SVD is well made, provides satisfying and consistent vapes, and is easy to use. The only major drawback is subjective — some people will find it too heavy and long. Personally, I loved its heft and didn’t mind the length, but understand that some vapers will feel otherwise.

I’ve seen the iTaste SVD listed for $70 to $100. At $70, the kit is an outstanding value. Even at $100, it’s a very good value. Considering that I was very pleased with the iTaste MVP, my expectations for this mod were pretty high. I’m happy to say that Innokin has exceeded my expectations. As long as you can deal with the length and weight, I highly recommend the iTaste SVD.

Author: RPadTV