Vaping Diaries #41: Innokin iClear 30 vs. Kanger T3

Clearomizers are a popular choice for vapers looking for large capacity and ease of use. Two of the best that you can buy today are the Innokin iClear 30 and the Kanger T3. Both hold 3ml of e-liquid and feature plastic tubes, but there are some major differences between these clearos. The iClear 30 is a dual-coil, top-coil product, while the Kanger T3 is a single-coil, bottom-coil device. Here’s a comparison of these great, but very different, clearos so that you can find the one that’s right for you.

Construction: The iClear 30’s metal parts are made from stainless steel. The Kanger T3 uses a cheaper metal. The iClear 30 feels like a sturdier product that’s made better and will last longer.

Throat Hit: Since the iClear 30 uses two coils that are closer to your mouth, it gives you a warmer vape with more throat hit.

Vapor: The iClear 30 takes this one too, also because of its dual-coil nature.

Flavor: This category is subjective, so your experience will vary based on your taste buds and the types of e-liquids you vape. For my comparison, I vaped 6ml of Ahlusion’s Vurley and Orb Vapor’s Orange Vanilla Cream in each clearomizer. It wasn’t a huge difference, but I was definitely getting a wider variety of flavor from the T3. The vanilla in Vurley and the orange in Orange Vanilla Cream were definitely more pronounced in the Kanger clearo. The sweetness was muted in the iClear 30, taking a backseat to the tobacco and vanilla, respectively.

Filling and Refilling: Filling the iClear 30 couldn’t be easier; you simply unscrew the tip and pour e-liquid into the clearo. The hole is big enough for most dripper bottles and dripper caps. Filling the T3 is easy too; you hold the tube upside down and pour e-liquid down the side. However, refilling the T3 can be a little bit messy. Even if you’re careful, it’s possible for juice to drip down the T3’s center pole when you refill.

Cleaning: To clean the T3, you really only have to worry about two parts. It’s a snap. Cleaning the iClear 30 is also easy, but you’re also working with more parts and smaller parts. I’ve lost a few of the rubber caps that cover the unit’s coils by clumsily dropping them down the drain while washing (thankfully I have spares from the iClear 16). You just have to be more careful when clearning the iClear 30.

For people that like to dry burn their coils, the iClear 30 is easier to work with since it’s easier to see the unit’s coils.

Performance Issues: The Kanger T3 produces an airier draw, which I prefer over the iClear 30’s tighter draw. Some people prefer tighter draws, so there’s no winner here.

Both products are compatible with 510 vaping devices. The iClear 30 uses a standard 510 connection, while the T3 uses an eGo-threaded connection. You’ll need a 510-to-eGo adapter to use the T3 with certain hardware.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the iClear 30 goes through e-liquid much faster than the T3 due to its dual coils.

The iClear 30 has a unique swivel tip that allows you to hold your vaping device in a more comfortable position and optimize wicking. Some people think the tip is a gimmick and have no use for the swiveling feature, but I like it. I don’t miss it when I use another clearo, but I appreciate it when I’m using the iClear 30.

I’ve been using T3s since October and most of units I’ve used had gurgling issues for the last 1/4 or 1/8 of the tank. I had a similar issue with one of the iClear 30s in my rotation, but it hasn’t been nearly as common. I’ve also had some leaking issues with several T3s. I had one with an iClear 30,┬ábut it turned out to be a bad coil. Aside from that particular unit, my iClear 30s haven’t leaked.

For the most part, the iClear 30 has been a more consistent performer than the T3 in my experience.

Bottom Line: Out of all the clearos I’ve tried, these two are the best I’ve used, but I don’t think one is clearly better than the other. They just offer different experiences. People that like a warm vape and throat hit will be happier with the iClear. People that like sweetness and an airier draw will prefer the T3. Personally, I love the performance and construction of the iClear, but I also like the T3’s draw and flavor production. Hopefully this comparison helped you find which clearo is best for you.

Author: RPadTV