Vaping Diaries #234: Vaping Utopia Kavish Mehta Interview (ECC 2014)

Vaping Utopia e-liquids are a great choice for vapers that love to blow clouds and/or enjoy subtle flavors. As someone that normally dislikes juices with artificial and overpowering qualities, I enjoyed several Vaping Utopia flavors. At ECC 2014, I caught up with company owner Kavish Mehta to get an update on utopian happenings. First up, due to customer demand, he’s switching from the stylish glass bottles to plastic bottles that are more functional. Vaping Utopia also had special edition bottles of its popular mango e-liquid, Shangri La, available at ECC 2014.

Lastly — and most importantly — Kavish gave me a “world exclusive” (Geoff Keighley™) on four of the flavors Vaping Utopia has in development. Two of them are fruit flavors. Kavish seems really confident that his strawberry-guava blend will be a winner and also has high hopes for the lime-coconut e-liquid. Since 2014 has mostly been about savory dessert e-liquids for me (with a healthy dose of naturally-extracted tobaccos, of course), I was excited about Vaping Utopia’s dessert flavors. On that front, Kavish has a tres-leches banana-coconut medley that sounds amazing, as well as vanilla Dole whip with organic honey.

While I’d love for all four of those flavors to be released, Vaping Utopia is currently committed to launching two of them. So leave a comment below and pester the company on social media about the in-development flavors you’d like to see. If you’re undecided, do me a favor and vote for the dessert flavors.

Vaping Utopia Kavish Mehta ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV